My Favourite Zines

I've blogged about both these zines before, but they were sold out and now they have been brought back by popular demand. These two zine...

I've blogged about both these zines before, but they were sold out and now they have been brought back by popular demand. These two zines are my absolute favourites, and if you like zines these are a must have!

"Lines on Paper & Other Things" Volume 1. This is a little A5 book featuring illustration and a little write up about each illustrator. Hand photocopied, hand cut (well we did use knives too), hand folded, hand stiched, hand glued, hand numbered (in pencil at the front)

The artists featured are all (kinda) from Australia and they are all wonderful people:
Georgia Harris * Oliver Hunter * Alana Kingston * Sean Morris * Maara Serwylo * Carmel Seymour * Bhavani Stoddart * Eveline Tarunadjaja

Volume 2 is due out soon!

OKAY Zine by Australian artist Laura Mckellar. okay is a limited edition* hand made zine.
every page is printed on a different type of paper, including: trace, grid, gold foil,card. it comes in a calico pouch. Theres currently 3 issues out and I recommend all of them!! Issue 1 and 2 were previously sold out but Laura has reprinted limited numbers.

What zines do you love? Any you could recommend?

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  1. I love Zines so much! These are great!

  2. these both look incredible! i love zines. :)

  3. I love zines!
    I wish "Lines on Paper & Other Things" hadn't sold out so fast, I was preparing to get my hands on a copy :(
    I'll have to be quicker next time!
    Pearl xo

  4. Daaaamn, the first one makes me want to improve my line-art so badly. I'll get on it right away!

  5. "Lines on Paper & Other Things" is one of my favorites as well! so wonderful to see it getting the attention it so deserves! :) and could i recommend "Everybody's Book of Kittens" by Gemma Correll (so cute!) and "Dark Mirror" by Marci Washington. such wonderful art!

  6. wow! these definitely taket the art of zine making to a whole new level. i used to make a lot of zines when i was younger, but they were all just xeroxed and extremely lo-fi. :)


  7. 2 of my favorite zines!

    I had a funny instance with Laura's zines at an exhibition, my aunty who ran the gallery thought that someone has crumpled up the paper of the display one. Until I told her it was meant to be like that.


  8. I'd just be happy if you told me that there were people who did zines! But now you've added to it by sharing these two. These are wonderful! Thank you for sharing...

  9. Is that (Australia Zine)recycling paper?



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