Nature Bulbs

Pretty handmade nature bulbs by Land-Rich Brooklyn, NY (via A Cup of Jo ). Id love some to hang on my Christmas tree. But sadly they are ...

Pretty handmade nature bulbs by Land-Rich Brooklyn, NY (via A Cup of Jo). Id love some to hang on my Christmas tree. But sadly they are all sold out for now.

Did I tell you I got a Christmas tree? My first ever Christmas tree, I feel so grown up! No more just throwing some tinsel around, I actually have a tree to celebrate Christmas the grown-ups way.

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  1. Wow, these are so lovely. I will have to keep these in mind for next year!

  2. These are just gorgeous - what a fabulous idea!

    visit me @

  3. oh i want some !!!
    so very pretty <3

  4. it's amazing how they can stuff those huge things through in there. very pretty.

  5. These are beautiful bulbs! I want to make some

  6. They look absolutely amazing :)
    Oh and of course congrats inn
    getting a christmas tree ^.^

  7. Oh, this is a great idea!

    I'm fan of having natural christmas decorations. This year, I'm making small, hanging vases out of old jars and using fresh flowers instead of the regular decorations.

    That, and paper. I love paper decorations too. :)

  8. You could make these yourself! Just get some glass decorations, take the top off and voila...! That's my plan anyway.

  9. I love them! My tree is too small for any more decorations, but I don't see why these couldn't be hung around the house year-round :)

  10. oh my goodness, this is soooo lovely!

  11. these are wonderful! I saw them on Cup Of Jo and
    instantly loved them.
    I wish i had found them earlier to give to my mum for christmas.
    A stunning not kitschy christmas decoration

  12. they sell similar glass bulbs at Spotlight atm with half price on all Christmas products, they come in 6. Just bought them today! so precious, reminds me of those ships in bottles, just a Christmas version. Awesome idea!

  13. you could totally make these. i've bought plain glass bulbs at michael's craft store and filled them with odds and ends and you could definitely do something nature-y. love this.

  14. what a great idea, I love them

  15. Great idea and nice DIY project.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Just discovered your blog and it's pretty amazing, very fresh and clever <3

    Happy New year


  16. I love the idea! It is such a shame its past Christmas before I found this blog!


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