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just leave me your stardust to remember you by ~ Boats and Birds by Gregory and The Hawk Photography by Lena a Media Arts student in G...

just leave me your stardust to remember you by
Boats and Birds by Gregory and The Hawk

Photography by Lena a Media Arts student in Germany.
Lena also makes collage art, which I've posted today over on The Next Page.

Thank you to everyone who has been visiting the new blog!! its so hard to get a new blog going, so I appreciate all the support. Ill be adding some improvements to the site over the coming weeks like related posts etc, to make it easier for you to browse. Also if you have any suggestions, or you make journals yourself and would like to contribute then send Tina and I an email at lilyandmuse (at) gmail (dot) com.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Ohhh..its full blown winter here, this pics make me nostalgic for summer days biking to the beach. Snow is coming so I should be happy :)

  2. I miss summer, but I can't help but love the snow here because my birthday is on the 8th. Always a couple days later after the snow.
    I will def check out your new blog. :)

  3. These photos are just so stunning - gorgeous! :)


  4. I haven't quite made a success of my first blog let alone a second. Great place to pick me up some happy on a yucky monday

  5. i'm absolutely in love with your blog.
    if its okay, can i ask what you do? like a job?
    because i'm 15 and stuff is leading up to work experience and i want to know what you do so i have an idea.
    you dont have to answer though!

    keep blogging, its a real inspiration.

  6. @Anonymous ~hi, my job is not what you would expect. I work as a researcher in statistics. I was always interested in both maths and arts (i know kind of a weirdo combo). Are you based in Melbourne? maybe youd like to do work experience in Graphic Design my sister does that for her job. or a photography asistant or maybe at a magazine. Some of the other bloggers are interiour stylists so there is that to... These would all be creative!

  7. happy monday to you too (:

    i love those picture <3

  8. wew,,so fabolous the photos,,like it!


  9. What beautiful photos. Just had a peek at your new blog and I love it. What a wonderful idea to have a constantly changing collage of your life and things you like. Very inspiring!


  10. Beautiful...such a lovely ponytail!

  11. oh thx for the link to lenas photos, there are a lot of really great photographies on her site.

  12. a big WOW for the first pic!! it's so öovely!!

    btw: i want to follow "the next page but i can't.. how am i supposed to do that??


  13. boats and birds is such an amazing song. i haven't heard it in so long! glad i found your blog :)

  14. Lovely pics*


  15. wow! I can't get over how pretty those photos are! Great post! :)

  16. What a lovely photos! Specially the first one:)

  17. Great photos.
    And I visited your new blog just then for the first time. Its amazing! I can see how hard to would be to keep it up to date, but your doing a wonderful job!

  18. thanks for the tips!
    i live in melbourne, i'd like to do something with photography, do you know how i could work or volunteer as a photographer's assistant?
    sorry for all these questions, you just seem like a realy good person to ask! :)

  19. the photos are beautiful! love it!
    thanks for sharing, hun. x

  20. I love these pics! Are they taken by a diana cam?? Love the blog!!

  21. wow, i love that song! my sister introduced me to it a few years ago. its so sweet.
    i also love your blog. you have inspired me to make my own. and now i understand how hard it is to have a blog. you do a great job. well done. perhaps you could visit mine and give me some advice to improve it?

  22. The first photograph is GORGEOUS! I like it a lot.


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