Naomi Murrell

I recently discovered the lovely artwork and jewellery of Naomi Murrell in the latest issue of Insi...

I recently discovered the lovely artwork and jewellery of Naomi Murrell in the latest issue of Inside Out magazine. Naomi is a freelance designer and illustrator based in Adelaide, where she creates whimsical designs big on hope, happiness and the things that make us smile.

You can view her debut collection 'A Little Love' on her website. Featuring a range of artworks, textiles, letterpress cards and eye-catching lazer cut jewellery. Naomi is also offering a 10% discount to everyone who signs up to her newsletter. Yay. I have my eye on one of her cute birdy brooches.

PS. The Birdy Wall Hangings featured are a special edition, available exclusively through One Small Room.

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  1. great necklace!!

    I will visit her website!!

    By the way, love your blog... i will come back for sure!!

    If you like the fashion illustrations, visit my blog!!

  2. That necklace is so pretty! I really like her wooden items, and that kind of wood is the same as my living room table! :)

  3. Those birdies are the cutest! I'll defintely check out her website.

  4. These are really beautiful! xo

  5. Oh I like these! At first I thought they were cookies, but they're much better in wood ;-)

  6. These are beautiful. (That drawing of the little cat is so cute too.) I love the LOVE necklace. It's so funky and bold.

  7. Oh these are so Pretty!!

    ps - love the pretty videos on your new site!

  8. Amazing! I really like how she uses wood for a lot of her jewelry - especially those teak brooches. Very creative!


  9. ooooh i'd be a happy person if i had the birdy ones!

  10. Thanks for sharing this is very beautiful & inspiring

  11. Those cute birdy wall hangings are beckoning!


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