Happy Weekend 13.3.10

Happy Weekend everyone, what are plans? I''ll be spending my weekend sorting out my new plac...

Happy Weekend everyone, what are plans? I''ll be spending my weekend sorting out my new place and maybe squeezing in a breakfast with my best friend Jags.

Here's some things I enjoyed in the blogosphere this week
The winner of the JeSophi giveaway is Kirsten. You can still get the 25% discount for the rest of the weekend.


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  1. Have a fabulous weekend!!!

    Hmmm I am going to work on crafts, photography, and have a fab date night with the hub:-)

  2. Ohh, I love Zooey :D
    I think I will soon have to do a homage post to her indie-girl goodness...

  3. Ohh thanks Lis for linking me!
    It means so much, especially on your blog :)
    I'm going to see Frank Woodley live tommorro with my best friend, im so excited!
    Hope you have a gorgeous weekend,
    Pearl xo

  4. you are so sweet, and zooey deschanel is beautiful. im going to study math and french and try to find time to read and watch a movie.
    she&him's new music video is gorgeous

  5. have a lovely weekend. i am visiting the museum district to do a photoshoot this weekend and also check out the narnia exhibition. and lots of good eats of course.

  6. thanks for the link. I love zooey!

  7. oooh i love Zooey and the new film clip! Cant wait for Volume 2 to come out!

    happy weekend! xxx

  8. This new She & Him video makes me all sorts of happy. She's so cute! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

  9. i love the new she & him video! m ward is all kinds of cool.

  10. Hi, just found your blog through another one, and I love it! SO much inspiration!! And i love zooey too, just watched 500 days of summer last week and it is my absolute fav.
    Anyway just saying thanks for making my week end end in the best way :)

  11. thanks for the intro to 'Pearl" such a lovely site, pretty and inspirational!!

  12. i love the new she & him video. the song is pretty sweet.
    i went to empire vintage on the weekend before i saw this - totally go asap!


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