Happy Weekend

photo by auburn & ivory Im moving house this weekend. Its the first time Ive moved in a few years so lots to pack and sort through!! H...

Im moving house this weekend. Its the first time Ive moved in a few years so lots to pack and sort through!! How did I accumulate so much stuff?!

My new house is only around the corner and it has a big backyard for my puppies to run around in. Ill miss my old place though, so many memories. But time to make new memories...

Ive been so busy with house hunting and a few other little projects that I completely forgot to get the power connected at the new house. eeek! We spent yesterday afternoon ringing power companies seeing if we could get the power connected. Seems its a long weekend in Melbourne this was made even more difficult. We eventually found someone to get it connected at midnight last night. phew!

Well off to pick up the trailer and some big garbage bags, so much to do...
Happy Weekend bloggy friends.

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  1. Good luck packing and moving lady! But even better, have fun unpacking and decorating a new place, yay!! =)

  2. @Sandy ~ yay thats the best bit!! Im already thinking how I want my bedroom set up

  3. Oh my! Good luck with the move! I love playing house... I need to do that again soon... look forward to seeing some photo's of your new place - and phew about the power! x

  4. Best wishes with the move! It does feel amazingly cathartic to be able to throw stuff out though! I just did a mini-spring clean and got rid of a lot of old sheets, pillows and kitchen stuff I never used. Very important in a 55 sq ft apartment!

  5. I know how you feel I just moved from a 3 bedroom house with rec room to a 3 storey walk up apartment with 3 bedrooms. SO MUCH STUFF. I'm still sorting, hope it all works out. I adore the photo as well

  6. good luck moving! i know what you mean about stuff, even though i seem to move to places with less storage than before, i always have more things! wtf?!

    have fun decorating!

  7. all the best with the moving, hope everything goes well! and nice nice photo you got here!

  8. I find it sort of funny that it's already Saturday for you! I live in Canada, and where I am, it's still 8:11 pm on Friday! :P

  9. Happy weekend and good luck with the move!!

  10. My biggest problem while moving homes in Melbourne back when I was living there was that I could NEVER get internet and phone companies to connect my lines on time. Whatever the estimated date they'd give me, it would wind up being at least a week or two later because something would go wrong along the way... Good luck with moving!

    Natalie Faye
    . P i x i e . D o l l h o u s e .

  11. hope the shift goes well. You should share some pictures of your new place when you're all set up :)

  12. happy weekend lovie!! sending you many good wishes for your move!

  13. good luck and good for your puppies!

  14. beautiful way to start the weekend!


    xo Alison

  15. good luck with the move! i know what it's like... we just moved across the entire country a few months ago. it was slightly overwhelming ;) it felt good to get rid of a bunch of stuff though.


  16. Good luck with your move! I kind of like moving into new places (I move around a lot). You get a blank canvas for what you want your home to be and that's always exciting. xo.

  17. waouh...i discover your blog and your pictures are amazing...i love it

    nathalie from chinerdslefroid

  18. Oh what a lot of work it is to move, but in the end totally worth it. Have fun!

  19. Love that inspiration pic and in fact, your whole blog!

    Have fun decorating the new place.

    Bec from Mitzi Loves Opshops

  20. Hey
    All the best gorgeous girl!! I am trying to convince my husband to rent our house out here in Brisbane and move to Sydney or Melbourne just for a year! So exciting to move
    Jen x

  21. Good luck with the move! Post pictures of the new place!! xoxo

  22. funny about the power - he he :)

    oh yes, we acummulate soooooo much stuff, it's unbelievable! i'd like to move, to move to another city, and this thought of moving makes me sort out things, throw out a lot, or give away.. it's a good thought.

    i like the picture in this post, good idea for presenting fotos!

  23. ooh wow Liss,
    moving houses is always such an amazing thing, but emotional too...
    i can't wait to see what your new place looks like.

    i send you loads of love,


  24. This is so beautiful!

    Peoples desk spaces are
    so so interesting.

    And the arrangement of the photos.



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