Hopelessly Devoted #2

Jasmine bow by Hopelessly Devoted . Photo by Jono Winnel The rest of the photos for the Hopelessly Devoted photoshoot are done , editited ...

Jasmine bow by Hopelessly Devoted.
Photo by Jono Winnel

The rest of the photos for the Hopelessly Devoted photoshoot are done, editited and posted over at Jono's blog . So pretty please go have a look, I LOVE the ones taken next to the car with the sun glare !!

PS > Sorry about my absence lately, I dont have internet at home anymore. Right now Im at an internet cafe doing a blogpost.

PSS > We've had so so many entries for the Little Known Lovelies awards. The competition is now closed so Eri doesn't end up having to go through a gazillion blogs, but thank you everyone for getting behind the award and helping us uncover some great new blogs. The winners will be posted here soon.

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  1. amazing; that shot beside the car is my favourite too. fair skin & dark red lips are the best combination
    cloudships <3

  2. Love the photo! Sorry to hear about the internet connection. Hope it's back soon.

  3. Amazing photos!! The look and feel is perfect! xoxo

  4. oh, love this photo! so cute and whimsical. sorry to hear about the no internet, that's always frustrating.

  5. i am loving the photos... everything is perfect. the collection, the styling, the photography. i'm sold. i want a big oversize bow!

  6. Your blog always makes me feel so relaxed for some reason haha, I love visiting it! x

  7. Don't you HATE not having internet, its like your world has been pulled out from under you! I've been dealing with that a lot this last month from traveling!

    Hop on over to my blog for a giveaway in honor of my shop being featured on Etsy!!

  8. oh no! i hope you have internet again soon!

    i've been loving this photoshoot so much. :)

  9. =)) first time commenting!
    I love this shoot! but how come that it reminds me of Snow White hehe.

  10. These pics look great! It is so nice to see them :) Nice work Jono! :D


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