Many of you might already know that the opening of group exhibition DisBand was held in Sydney on Thursday night. Alot of my favourite arti...

Many of you might already know that the opening of group exhibition DisBand was held in Sydney on Thursday night. Alot of my favourite artists were included in the show.

Queen of Hearts (2) -- Erin Flannery

I wasn't able to go along to the opening but I did put my orders in and got myself this original Queen of Hearts (2) by Erin Flannery. yay!! Ive been following Erin's work for a few years now and last year she won the prestigious Off The Wall award. It's an award recognising the best new emerging talent in Australia. She's a star and I'm so happy to now have one of her originals.

Anyways back to DisBand... you can now browse and buy the works yet to be sold in the Leeloo shop (international shipping too). I'd love to buy the Courtney Brims...but I really should be saving money!

oh and if you'd like to look at more pictures from the opening you can HERE.

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  1. awwwww i'm SO glad queeny gets to live with you liss! i cant wait to see where she ends up in amongst your other goodies!

    thanks so much for your support

    xx erin

  2. @Erin ~ youre very welcome!! Queeny can make friends with my other artworks....or an owl. hehe

  3. omg you commented on my blog :O
    & yeah I've seen a few people rip off his idea as well, it's a shame :(
    Btw I think it was really nice how you helped the english muse's blog running :)

    Also can you tell me what the whole blog sponsor thing is about? I see it everywhere, you bloggers just pay eachother or promote eachother or something?

  4. Yeah I'm thinking of doing it.
    You live in Aus right? What are your rates and could I just send you the cash in a letter?

    can you email me at ssmilebanh@gmail.com


  5. looks like a fab show! -- really like the way it's set up. perfect and not at all 'white cube'.

  6. nice drawing, good choice!!
    seems to be a very interesting exhibition, thanks for sharing.


  7. looks like a wonderful exhibition, i wish i could visit it!

  8. So beautiful! What an amazing exhibition xoxo

  9. Wow the gallery space looks great! I wish I got to see the works in person.

  10. Wow I live how simple and beautiful it looks! :)

  11. wow dear, this looks beyond amazing!


  12. I'm going to go browse & see if theres anything I oughtta buy ;) Really wish I could go and see it all in person though.


  13. it would be so great to see this exhibit in person! it looks amazing! : )

  14. this exhibit looks amazing! xx

  15. I love the piece you bought...great choice

  16. i love the frames!! and how they're arranged on the wall..

  17. I want to be in that exposition!
    I wish I could be in a place like this.

  18. This looks like a great show! :)

    I have now set up a lomo home (actually, I did this just to be able to submit some photos to a competition ;) Also, the possibility of liking photos and save their links for future reference made the decision even easier! :) You can find me here: http://www.lomography.com/homes/mausumimarthe

  19. Beautiful display of artwork, very simple and effective.


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