Gippsland Weekend Part 1.

Sponsored by As part of a campaign for Destination Gippsland , NuffNang are sending bloggers away on a minibreak weekend t...

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As part of a campaign for Destination Gippsland, NuffNang are sending bloggers away on a minibreak weekend to the Gippsland Area. Gippsland is only an hour and half drive from Melbourne so makes for a nice getaway for the weekend. I hadn't visited the area before so jumped at the chance to explore!


Belle & Boo tags, Betty Jo Owl Clock, Stella Lives Here brooches.

We headed off early in the morning to make the most of the day. First stop was eclectic shop, Pink Fly in Yarragon. Run by Margret who has a real passion for handmade, environmentally friendly and fair trade goods.

Craft Kits by Dumpling Dynasty, Cheryl Maltby Faries, Diane Roberts lace & embroidery handbags

Margret showed us around her shop pointing out some of the local artists work including, Sally Everett, Diane Roberts, Stephanie Powell (Stella Lives Here) and a specialty to her store Faries based on the iconic Australian Fairy books of Peg Maltby. Peg's daughter Cheryl is bringing the characters from the book to life, handcrafting each in limited number and you can only find them for sale at the Pink Fly!

I loved the brooches by Stephanie Powell (Stella Lives Here). Stephanie creates each brooch from reclaimed fabrics and attaches a handwritten story about the brooch, so sweet!

Next stop was lunch at Brandy Creek Winery. I was very excited to see we were going for lunch at a winery. One of the things I've been wanting to do nearly the whole time I've lived in Melbourne was visit some of the wineries around the area.

Brandy Creek is famous for not only their award winning cool climate wines but also the traditional Spanish Paella they put on each weekend. We were lucky enough to be there on the day of the Paella, and it was delicious.... there were 5 different Paellas to choose from, with an entree of Tapas and dessert, of which I ate two.

The Paella is $59 a head for 3 courses and a glass of wine, but you need to book in advance as it has become quite popular.

Abstract Art by Kerrie Warren

After lunch we were off to meet local abstract artist Kerrie Warren. Kerrie lives and works on her property in Gippsland, her work is very influenced by her environment and what's happening in her life at the time. She recently did a series on the Black Saturday Fires which came within 3 kms of her property. I asked Kerrie lots of questions about being a fulltime artist and how she gets her work out there, also the logistics of sending works around the world. It was so interesting to hear about her career and see the space in which she works. I could see my sister living in the country with her own studio...that would be her dream!

Lastly we were off to our accommodation at SpringBank Bed & Breakfast, which is set on 20 acres of award winning gardens in a traditional style farmhouse. Kaye and Chris welcomed us and got the wood fire going in the sitting room. It reminded me of my Mums place, I miss sitting in front of the fireplace and reading a book on a winters night. Kaye also loves vintage shopping and has decorated the home in gorgeous teasets, dishes and vintage vases.....just my style. I snapped these few images in the morning before heading off. Oh and did I mention that Kaye made us the yummiest home cooked breakfast?!! I felt so spoilt!!!

So that's day one, wow!! and that's the short version, I seriously took so many photos and was exhausted by the end of the day. I needed more time to look around the area and take everything in, there's lots more bookstores, galleries and my favourite....COUNTRY OPSHOPS!!! to visit in the area, but that will have to be saved for next time.

Part 2: Mt Baw Baw (the snow) coming soon.

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  1. i want those birdy plates to be hanging on my wall!

    sounds like an amazing trip, can't wait for part two!

    i actually get so excited everytime I see you've done a new post, everything you put on here is so interesting and inspiring.

  2. @herecomesthesun ~ aw thank you... I LOVE your blog :) top 3 hands down! I want some birdie plates too!! I have to figure out how to hang plates cause I have a few floral ones I want to display.

  3. aw so much love :) i know I got an amazing bird one for my birthday that is just sitting on my book shelf cause i don't have the right equipment to hang it yet. i don't even know where you get those things from? if you figure it out let me know!

  4. I like the chinese boxes.:)

  5. What's in the big pans? is it for the paella or different dishes?? it looks so good..

  6. @A ~ oh yes, that is the Paella... 5 different ones :) was delicious!!!

  7. Sounds like lots of fun! Can't wait to hear about the rest!

  8. I just LOVE Paella since going to Spain 2 years ago, bought the spices and tried making one, but it's not the same as having a real one. Msybe it's time to book a holiday??!

  9. I first read about Paellas on the Encyclopedia about Spain. It looked like it's complicated with so many ingredients but looking at a real one sure looks delicious!

    I;m looking forward to Day 2!

  10. you have the sweetest blog i have ever seen, i have fallen in love with every one of your images, keep up the good stuff

  11. looks totally beautiful and like a dream!

    gosh liss, you have an enchanting world!


  12. Such lovely things to discover's beautiful and inspiring! I'll be visiting again and again!

  13. Looks like you visited some fantastic places: ever so slightly envious!

  14. I love Belle & Boo! :) They are so adorable and I cannot wait to deck out my future baby room with their stuff one day!


  15. That splatter painting thingy reminds me of Jackson Pollock .
    P.S this is a great post :)

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Sounds like so much fun :]
    I like the second group of photos. The Pink Fly sounds awesome ♥

  18. Oh wow! I can't believe you made it to Yarragon. My parents own one of the shops in the town. It definitely is an art and craft haven down there. I glad to hear you enjoy your time in Gippsland.

  19. that sounds like it was heaven! What a lovely idea. I love paella and that B&B is to die for!! Wish we had a similar thing over here in the UK!

  20. woohoo looks like it was amazing


  21. cool, that sounded like fun, but Kerrie Warren's abstract art looks very similar to Jackson Pollack's No. 1, 1950 Lavender Mist painting.

    Overall, i can't wait for part 2! :D

  22. everything looks so amazing!! so looking forward to part ii! !:)

  23. Hi there Liss.

    I have only just recently stumbled across your blog and I love it.

    I loved your recount of your time in Gippsland.

    I lived there for 25 years up til I was married.

    I just love everything it has to offer.

    Your photos brought a little tear to my eye as I read about your amazing trip.

    Mum and dad still live in Gippsland and I pop down that way when I can.

    As soon as the kids go back to school I'm off to Yarragon for the day. I miss doing that. I used to go for a little drive there at least once a month just to stroll along the shops. It's become quite the little attraction now hasn't it? Very popular and lots of fun.

    I love the little op-shops too. If you're ever heading that way again and you need someone to tag along - just yell. I'm in!!!!!!

    Luv Sandie

  24. I love those little labels at the top! cute post


  25. Greetings from Gippsland! What a delightful surprise it was to find your generous reference to my work!... even if a little late ;)

    It's such a joy to sell the odd little curiosities I make in a shop like Pink Fly. Proprietor Margaret continues to be a wonderful support and inspiritaion (and a dear friend) to myself and many other local artists.

    Thanks again!

    PS. I hope you don't mind me popping in like this :)

    PPS. Sorry about the facebook URL -- I don't have a website up yet, and wasn't sure how else to leave my comment!! Le sigh!


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