Guest post: the lovely owls

(Nick and Nessies) Good morning lovelies, it's Amanda from Here Comes the Sun . I'm here to do a guest post today for Liss while ...

(Nick and Nessies)

Good morning lovelies, it's Amanda from Here Comes the Sun. I'm here to do a guest post today for Liss while she is occupied with the business of moving to a new city. Anyway it's good to be here and share a few things with you. Make sure you do come say hello over at my own little blog as well!

(Little Owlette)

If you follow my blog at all you might have noticed I have a wee love for all things owl-related! So you can imagine my joy when I discovered The Lovely Owls pool on flickr. A little wonderland of all things owlie!

(Living Room Shadows)

(Hold Your Breath)

(The Dainty Squid)

Ahh so much owlie cuteness! I love it!

Do you guys collect anything or is it just me? I'm bit of a nana sometimes and I love to fill my house with cute little ornaments and decorations.

Well thank you for having me here today

Amanda Thomas
Guest blogger
Here Comes the Sun

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  1. I too love the owl...and apparently had a 'pet' owl that used to sit in a tree outside my bedroom when I was a littlie we'd have a chat!
    My collection is very modest but have some beauties from Japan [intricate woodcut], canada [soapstone] and Argentina [engraving on slate].
    I'll be scooting over to your blog to have a peek now,

  2. i love cute little kitschy stuff and having collections as well, you're not alone. also, i am the same in the sense that it is owls that i love and collect too!! i even got one tattooed onto my side recently :)

  3. I just bought an owl necklace today!

    misterious and glam...


    another woman....

  4. hurrah for collectors! i collect all sorts of stuff. stationery. stickers from asia. pens. books. rubber bands. buttons. magnets. notepads. journals. miiiine. all mine! :D

  5. Great owls! I have a great owl piggy pank. I collect piggy banks.

  6. I think kitsch little collections are the best! I have a collection of vintage suitcases and I also collect other things like vintage teacups, thrifted ceramic trinket holders and lace doilies. Who says home decoration needs to be expensive?


  7. I have such an obsession with Owl's! You should meet Hootie my crazy owl ring!!!


  8. I adore cute porcelain figures like this. I don't really collect anything...I do have a fast growing cd collection though!

  9. I can't get enough of owls either: hoping to sneak in a tiny owl tattoo one day!

  10. Love the post!
    Please visit my blog,

  11. Ever since watching Twin Peaks I have had a slight suspicion of owls.... ;-)

  12. I'm such an owl addict and you made my day! Love it!

  13. ooh I love this post! I collect owls and cameras.

  14. this is a fantastic post! some great shots.

  15. I´m obssesed with owl rings haha :D

  16. Wow, awesome pictures :]
    I love owls too ^^

    I love the last picture!

  17. There's a flickr pool dedicated to owls?! How lovely! Thanks for introducing it to me!

  18. I think this is my first comment here - exciting! <3
    I will surely look through your blog - it seems beautiful at first glance. :)
    Aww, I love owls, and still regret that I didn't buy the owl-ring by H&M when I saw it a few weeks ago (but I think it'll stay here for some time).
    The owl pool is so adorable!

    My mum and I collect anything mouse-related. I don't know what's up with that - it started at a really young age and I love it. :)

  19. Love the blog - i love all things owls!!!

    For all OWL LOVERS check out my Jewellery Store - DEDICATED TO OWLS - really unusual handmade items xx

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    Twit Twoo Jewellery x


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