Mrs. Press Summer 10/11

Love the latest collection and the styling of the lookbook for Sydney label Mrs Press , so dreamy an...

Love the latest collection and the styling of the lookbook for Sydney label Mrs Press, so dreamy and romantic, just my thing!

Clare Press the designer behind Mrs Press used to be the features editor for Vogue Magazine. She now runs her boutique label Mrs. Press, which creates vintage-inspired garments in limited editions. (less then 50 of each). As well as a Dressing Table collection of luxury creams, soaps and scented candles.

The garments are 100% Australian made featuring all natural fabrics as well as vintage detailing - such as the bow detailing in the Kate dress.

I particularly love the Kate dress (pictured above) it also can be seen in the editorial pages of the latest Frankie Mag!

Photography: Cara Stricker,
hair & make-up: Rachel Montgomery,
styling: Clare Press and Kevina-Jo Smith,
art direction: Gabby Paterson, set painted by Jennifer Stricker,
model: Annabella @ Priscilla’s

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  1. Ah that Kate dress is divine. I love a good pink vintage dress with pretty little details. Yum. Yum.

    Talia Christine

  2. I'll have one of EVERYTHING *hyperventilates with bliss* So incredibly pretty xoxo

  3. Sparkles! I love all the sequins.

  4. I love the sweet style in these looks :)
    xoxo fashion geek

  5. love the colors. Very girly


  6. So stunning! Such a soft romantic vibe.

  7. Amazing ♥
    Everything's so pretty & dainty.

  8. Oh I love the colors! So whimisical and femimine.

  9. oh my word I love everything about this collection! One of each, please! :)

  10. Ahh I love everything about this collection! So pretty and romantic - I love the softness and the florals :)

    Claire Marie

  11. so cute and dreamy <3

  12. thanks for sharing this one... outfits for daydreaming!

  13. wow those are magical!!!love love love them!and the fact that they are limited makes them even more desirable!!

  14. I feel like those designs were stolen from my dreams. They are literally everything I'd want in my dream wardrobe.


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