BONDS Made2Share Prize Pack

As promised here is the giveaway from the BONDS Made2Share range. The prize is a selection of clothing from the range to the value of $27...

As promised here is the giveaway from the BONDS Made2Share range. The prize is a selection of clothing from the range to the value of $275AUD.

To be in the running to win leave a comment on this post answering the question.

How would you style the clothes?

Competition open to Australian readers only.

PS. To see some styling ideas Alicia of Sea of Ghosts did a really great style post using pieces from the collection. Love how she styled the slouch pants with the blazer! And Hayley from Fashion Hayley did some pretty amazing shredding of one of the tees!

Good Luck.

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  1. what a great giveaway - I love the Striders - I would wear them scrunched up with either the Crew Tee or The Tank x

  2. I would tie up the distressed tee and wear it with the striders scrunched up over summer....possibly with some striped socks to top it off!!

  3. I would style myself pretty casual coming into summer.

    Layering is good for spring too. Since the warm weather is alittle late this year!

  4. I'd wear them in everyway. Maybe kind of Grunge looking.
    Scrunch the pants up tie the singlet up layer it.
    With a pair of converse :)

  5. I would style my clothes by only wearing items that remind me of happy memories, that way I would wear them more proudly and I'd be a happier person too!

  6. I would wear the grey tank with a full-circle white skirt and some white flowers in my hair. and some fun pendant necklaces on bits of leather cord and ribbons.

  7. I would wear it all in the largest size possible!! - cant beat the striders with a drooping grey tank...quickly growing 'bun' that is in the oven may initiate some creative cutting/slashing a la Fashion Hayley...would be so cooling in summer.

  8. What a lovely giveaway Liss!
    As I am a bit too romantic, I would wear my new garments with a doily hat I made myself a while ago, a pearl necklace, lace stockings and an old pair of grey shoes that belonged to my grandma!

  9. As much as I would love to style myself 90s grunge, I ain't got the up-and down washboard figure for it. I'd always stile with tights, a belt, a bolero and loads of necklaces. Yup, that's me.

  10. Well then the answer. The amazing thing about these clothes is that they are kind of "neutral", this mean you can wear them in soooo many different styles that it is impossible to choose only one. I guess it would all depends on the mood I wake up in the morning, (and how's the weather...I live in Zurich and now the cold is on the door).
    So well, when raining maybe with warm leggins and the gumboots. They are not sexy but when rains and it is cold they are really amazing.
    When sunny and when I feel happy and peachy I would wear some kind of elegant jacket and little heel. Why not? This could be good to go out the evening.
    But I attend university so a very comfortable look would be good for my every-day-life. I've some cute turquoise senakers, I could do something with them. maybe with a stripes t-shirt (like slayers...).
    That's it!
    Thank you for this chance!
    take care

  11. ops sorry, my bad english! The last is not slayers! is sailors!! my fault :(

  12. i'd make it a bohemian/relaxed look by putting on my anthopologie booties & a lovely necklace i bought in a hippie market in mexico.

    see booties here: (sorry about the huge link)

  13. Liking the idea of styling myself into summertime relaxation - comfortable, laid back and happy.
    ~ Laura (Moags)

  14. i don't wear accessories much so really, as it's quite warm these days, i would keep it simple with just the tee with the striders and thongs. or replace the tee with a tank and a light lose cardigan on a windy day :)

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  16. The Bonds Made2Share range is soooo versatile!

    I could easily dress the pieces up with a nice cardigan with the crew tee and another outfit pairing the blue the striders with some sexy heels for night time.

    Or dress the pieces down with a pair of thongs along with the distressed black the shorts (think outdoor: going to the beach, bbq) and another outfit with a summer sun hat and the crew tee.

  17. Bonds is such an iconic Aussie brand, I would definately style these clothes in a way that emanates that. I love grey shirts, so i'd style the Crew Tee in Heather Grey with some High waisted cut off denim jeans, lazily tucked in, and some killer sunnies and sandals, probably over a bikini, and head straight to the beach!
    The Striders in Blue would be perfect for a summer night out, teamed with the white Tank and easy converse.
    And the best thing is, my boyfriend can steal any of these - the Tank to go with some board shorts and vans for the skatepark, or the Tee with jeans and boaties. Love it!

  18. I love scarves and loose belts... so i'd be going for a slouchy-boho kind of look...

  19. I would wear the shorts or the striders, styled with a funky edge - throw on a blazer, white tee and some killer studded heels.

    Add some silver dangly earrings and some eyeliner - ready for a night out!

  20. it just looks so comfy!
    i'd go with a black and grey combo and dress it up with silver sandals, a chunky silver necklace and bright lips.

  21. I'd wear the tee off one shoulder with a black/white striped belt under the bust, put together with striders and my favourite pair of red cons, it would definatley be my go to outfit for spring afternoon BBQ's!

  22. I'm a bit more of a girly girl/preppy style so I think I would mix the pieces with a cute, fitted blazer, grey ankle socks and tan leather brogues and a DIY miu miu style collar :)

    x amie
    heartbeats, intimidation


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