Just a mintue in October

photo sources: 1. Julie Michelle 2. Harry MacNaughton I used to do these Just A Minute posts all the time. They're a monthly meme ...

photo sources: 1.Julie Michelle 2.Harry MacNaughton

I used to do these Just A Minute posts all the time. They're a monthly meme started by August Street, but she no longer blogs. I love her meme so much I think I'll start doing them again. It was the only meme I was able to keep up. It's also fun to look back through the old ones and see what you were doing that moment in time... anyways I'm going to be keeping the Just a minute legacy going, join in if you like.

So here we go.

Reading...... finally finished Zadie Smith's On Beauty. Next I'm going to read her 'White Teeth'. Also the interview with my sister in WATIM #23.

Buying........Cameras, well mainly looking and thinking over which one to get, undecided whether to get the Holga or LC-A+

Listening...........Foals, Foals, Foals. I love these guys!

Watching......not alot. Any good movie, tv show recommendations?

Loving..........exploring my new home town and weekend road trips. Also seeing the first pictures of the Daydream Lily x Element range instores.

Planning......parties! I promise details coming soon.

want to play along? full details on the game are here...

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  1. how lovely! maybe ill start one of my own :) have a happy day!


  2. yea i love the idea! I am totally going to join in. Do you want a link to mine???

  3. lovely post , I like the photos too thanks for sharing :)

  4. watching recommendations:
    oh, i stumbled apon the phenomenon that is mad men. fantastic show!
    (i've just been hiring it from my local video store).
    in regards to movies – an education and the royal tenenbaums.


  5. Oh I love this! working on one at the moment... will post a link when done :)

    TV show recs: Breaking Bad, True Blood, The Wire

  6. When i have time i think i may just keep this going... My blog ain't in the same demographic, but variety is the spice of life ;) + plus this kinda sounds like some sort of cultural experiment. Lets see how far we can take it.

  7. Loved 'On Beauty' and just pulled 'White Teeth' off my bookshelf as well!

    And I second the Mad Men suggestion. I watched seasons 1-4 in two months. Yes I'm obsessed.

  8. Go for the LC-A+. It's a fantastic little camera!

  9. This is a great idea! Would like to join in if that's ok?

  10. I think you should go for the LC-A.

    I have both, and I use my LC-A all the time. The Holga is sitting unused in my closet. For 35 mm film, the holga is just too much of a hassle.

    If you, however, prefer 120 film, I would go for the Diana over the Holga anytime.

    Good luck! :)

  11. Amazing post!


  12. what a lovely idea!!!
    keep going!
    i love the "just a minute" post!


  13. Ahhh, I find this kinda crazy 'cus Harry Macnaughton goes to my college, he's the principals son aha. Love his photos though.
    And I love foals too!
    Great blog :)

  14. I really liked this idea. I i will try it soon!

  15. Here's mine!

  16. let me know which camera you'll end up getting. and can't wait for your party!!

  17. what a cool idea for a meme! i've never done one but this is really cool for archiving purposes! hopefully i'll never look back and say "was i really into THAT? ever????!" ;p

  18. I played along! I like this game! xo


  19. This is brilliant, I'll definitely join in.

  20. Thanks.
    I use Sony Alfa 450.

  21. here is a link to my "just a minute" (just click on my name it will bring you to it). Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. Here's a link to my 'just a minute'. I agree with Sarah, thanks so much for the inspiration and your beautiful blog!

  23. I used to love doing the Just A Minute posts. It was such a shame when Genevieve closed down her blog. I kept up with JAM since, but have kind of altered it to suit my needs. I call mine "This Moment" now.

  24. love the second picture! I like the Foals too. And I think you should make these Just a Minute Posts a permanent fixture, they're fun!

  25. Cool post, I love White Teeth, definitely one of my favourite books. I just finished reading A heartbreaking work of staggering genius, by Dave Eggers, also an amazing read!

  26. Yeah I like the post as well, really fun! And yes, do share what your planning :) Love the combo !

  27. Oh I love Just A Minute, I've been doing it for like a year and I really like taking the time to reflect over the past month. I also love reading what others have been up to. I haven't listened to Foals for a while, listening to it now. xxx

  28. thats a great monthly post!
    i've joined in too.


    PS. have you checked out Currumbin yet?? about 10mins south from you, a pretty spot i live in : )

  29. haha yes I am moving to the GC in January... and yes I am a scientist too, but not for long as I am moving down to start studying med. but YES we are totally twins!

    Yes I can't wait to see Eat Pray Love, trying to convince by boyfriend to come with me might be a different story haha. But of course a movie is never as good as the book (but it is such a great dinner party discussion haha).

    So nice to know that there are cool bloggers on the coast, as I will miss my Brisbane bloggers!

  30. Ah yes, I love Just A Minute posts!! And if you've never seen the movie "Finding Neverland" I recommend that because it's excellent!
    And about the cameras, I do suggest the Holga.

  31. Thanks so much! It's such a huge relief after such a long process! Will have uni at the GC hospital, are you at the parkwood campus? In a lab there?

    Yes the GAMSAT was probably the scariest thing ever (and I sat it twice) but with a lot of study and stressing I got through it (I was very thankful that I did 2nd year organic chem, so much chem on that exam).

    Lunch sometime would be lovely!

  32. i adore the foals as well. saw them in concert a month ago - fantastically fabulous.

  33. Perfect idea Liss!
    Tone @ http://swingsandroundabouts-blog.blogspot.com/2010/11/just-minute-in-november.html


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