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I've been thinking about adding interviews to the blog for awhile now, and thought id start out with some of the amazing photographers ...

I've been thinking about adding interviews to the blog for awhile now, and thought id start out with some of the amazing photographers who inspire me. First up is Ann He, at only 15 Ann is taking photos that absolutely messmerise me! Here I have a little chat with her....
Name: Ann He
Age: 15
Location: Dallas, Texas
Website: or

You're only 15 yet your work seems to be from someone much older! How long have you been taking photos? and how did you get started?

Wow, thanks! I've been photographing in general for about a couple of years now. I first got into it after seeing the works of Zhang Jingna, Lara Jade, and Nirrimi Hakanson on deviantArt, but my inspirations and references have evolved a lot since then!

I'm always curious as to what cameras and films photographers are using. Do you have a favorite camera/film?

The 35 mm film cameras I use are really very cheap. My minolta XG-m and a canon rebel 2000 are the ones I use most often, and they are wonderfully reliable. I actually bought a medium format Kiev 88 this summer and I would definitely definitely shoot with that camera all the time if it wasn't such a hassle! The film I use 90% of the time is fujifilm 200. It's incredibly cheap as well (I'm a total stinge) and I'm kind of in love with its infidelity to the actual colors of the scene.

You seem to have an amazing eye for light! how do you find locations for your photos? is there a certain time of day you know will make better pictures?

Haha thank you! It's a habit for me to stare out of car windows. Honestly, if you ride in a car with me you’ll hear me squealing about the absolutely perfection of some retro neighborhood or lake or woods we just passed. Other than that, I may have an idea for a shoot, and I’ll google to find possible locations that would work for it. My favorite favorite favorite time of day in regards to lighting is that 10 minutes after the sun goes completely down and before it’s too dark to see much at all. The light is so soft and quiet, and even though it’s dusk it seems as though everything is illuminated. The colors on the film turn out rich and nostalgic like a dream. If you look through my photos, I tend to always start shooting during the late afternoon when the light is harsh and directional (yuck!) and all through sunset to dusk. There are definitely advantages to light at all different times of the day—I love the golden glow that you get when shooting under a shadow during midday.

Any tips for people getting started in photography?

Pay attention to your surroundings—the light, structures, details, colors. Definitely experimenting with different styles and techniques!

Thanks so much Ann! visit Ann's flickr or website to view more of her work.

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  1. amazing.. i love your style. wish i could learn more with photography too.

  2. Gosh she makes me feel unaccomplished... her photostream's lovely!

  3. This was very inspirational and full of neat information! I'm always curious wether a photographer uses digital or traditional methods, what equipment and especially the light! I've been guessing but still wondering about the amazing light in these photos for a while now. Sweet!

  4. She's so talented! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Well done. I love interviews. I love doing them and reading them. They're a great source of information and you get it straight from the horses mouth rather than putting it together using hundreds of pieces of googled trash ;).

    More interviews are a must lissy!

    P.S the third from the top is my fav photo. sublime!

  6. I really like her work. Thanks for the interview, it was insightful!

  7. Thank you so much for this interview! Love her photos! ^.^

  8. Thank you! This interveiw is saved for me! so amazing and incredibly inspirational as I want to learn about photography!

    Ayesha xx

  9. So cool! Oh I totally adore her photography! And this interview is so enlightening! Glad to see we have such similar taste :)

  10. Wooow...

    LOvely post <3

    Ivânia Diamond*

  11. Liss!! This is a wonderful new feature. Completely inspirational! Love her.

  12. You must love taking pics!
    And you must love details!

  13. far out i cant believe she is only 15!
    the girl's bursting with talent! x

  14. 15?!?!?!? I'm amazed. GREAT work! :)

    Thanks for the lovely interview!

  15. Wow! And Ann is only 15 years old? Imagine what she could do with some more years practice!
    The pictures are simply wonderful, I love each and every single one!
    Viele Gruesse, Kristina

  16. Amazing pictures, loving the first one!
    I´m a bit amazed the she is only fifteen, WOW!!

    Thank´s for this nice interview

  17. first : I hope you make the interviews a regular feature, because I found this so inspiring and informative
    second : Ann H, you photos are pitch perfect and on film - something that takes skill (and a little luck). I'm your new biggest fan.

  18. Great interview, I love finding out what kind of equipment photographers use

  19. nice interview!thanks for sharing

  20. Great work! I adore the shot of the girls with masks on in the water. So beautiful and nostalgic!

  21. Oh so gorgeous please continue the inspiration with these amazing art

    Audrey Kawasaky inspired to internalised and transport you to that private-sensual moments, which create that specific language that only women understand. Full of layers and mysticism, an air of passive power full of femininity.

    I also respect on her work her contemporarily honest way to introduce and blend the modern technics and the classic objects of her culture, that for me come back those “Venusian-girls” to this earth and proclaim that they are among of us or better than that is maybe we are one of “those”.

    Audrey would love Melbourne for the latent need to create and as someone said “creating to remove the dust of our daily life”.
    We are here to work and go to a fancy café, stop at 6pm to go to an exhibition later on have a taste of some exotic tapas and wine and finalize with a good show or band, all made at home!

    That is what Melbournians do: create, no with the expectation to crossing oceans is more for the happiness to call this city “our territorial canvas”.

  22. Ummm... fifteen? I mean, really??

    I'm jealous. I took a look at her photos and kept on saying "amazing".

  23. her photos are absolutely amazing, the lighting is beautiful in all of them

  24. really enjoyed this interview, 15 with so much talent is incredible. will be looking forward to the next one :)

  25. Oh I absolutely love this photographer. First saw her work on Feverish Photography blog and have adored her ever since. And only 15! Thats when I started taking photos as well I hope she continues to cultivate her craft.

  26. Wow some extremely beautiful work for such a tender age. Came over from the web stats, thank you for the plug Liss and Ann. <3


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