Win $500 thanks to bonds made2share

Sponsored by Nuffnang Congrats to -smamie the winner of the BONDS Prize pack and thank you for the entries I had fun reading your styling...

Sponsored by Nuffnang

Congrats to -smamie the winner of the BONDS Prize pack and thank you for the entries I had fun reading your styling ideas, I got a few tips for myself too!

I have a second competition as part of the Bonds Made2Share campaign. This time you have the chance to WIN $500AUD! Do be in the running tell me about an experience where you had to share something and it went horribly wrong!

It can be anything, clothes, books, ideas you’ve shared and it didn’t go as planned. I used to share clothes with my sister growing up, to the point where my mum would dress us identically...this ended in more then a few cringe worth family photos! (complete with matching hairstyles)

Leave your answer in the comment section of this post. Competition open to Australian readers only. Full T&C's here.

Good Luck!

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  1. I will never share over twitter when I haven’t purchased it when it is a one of a kind piece for sale.
    There was a Maison Martin Margiela elevated shoulder jacket I had been in love with that jacket since 2008! and another blogger only the day before had emailing me asking for advice blogging and telling me how much he loved my style and everything.
    In the 10 minutes I was trying to find my debit card. He went under me and bought it.
    I was so annoyed for weeks!
    Especially because when the seller found out she told me she would have reserved it for me!
    That made me learn a very good lesson about sharing!

    Love your blog btw!

  2. countless times i have 'shared' my bed with a friend only to wake up in the middle of the night without any blanket and absolutely freezing. and i never, ever learn!!

  3. @wekilledcotoure ~ oh know :( Similar things have happened to me, but I love sharing finds... now I shop first then share.

    @George ~ hahahahaha I am such a blanket hog, I am always the one stealing all the blanket.

  4. i should have linked it when i first emailed you! silly me :P thank you though! it is for my year 11 art assignment, so not my major work. i've got to start thinking of that too though, i'm always behind in art!

    i'd love to do an interview!! thank you for asking <3

  5. Yes i will definitely be shopping first then sharing!

  6. Trying to share a room with a newborn baby - they are sooooo noisy! Like having a warthog in the room.

  7. I have this really cute pair of limited edition pink bunny slippers by a Japanese brand I got years ago, which I have kept pristine condition because they were just too cute for me to use and get all dirty! I recently moved into my first apartment with my fiance, and I brought said slippers with me. Our apartment has a wood floor and the floor gets dirty very easily, so my fiance and I decided it would be best to wear something on our feet indoors. Perfect time to whip out the slippers! My fiance, however, doesn't have a pair of slippers of his own, so I offered to let him try mine out... And he fell in love with them! Now he jumps into my bunny slippers before I get a chance to put them on! And his feet are bigger than mine, so they're stretching the slippers out, too! But I love my fiance and my slippers, so it's nice to see them together, haha! And sometimes he'll even let me wear them ;)

  8. congrats on your winning, I never had the luck

  9. One time I shared my tubes of acrylic paint with my sister so that she could finish a project for school. The next day I go into the craft room to find she'd left the covers off of all of them.
    They were all dried out and useless after that so I had to throw them away and purchase a new set which I now hide from her.


  10. I share my clothes with my sister all the time, even now that I live out of home we still share. But of course there are some things that never find their way back into my cupboard... I usually forget about them until I see her wearing them months later! Here's me searching high and low thinking I'd lost them.

  11. wow - look at that guys pink moustach...

  12. the little st kilda cafe will love you for that free advertising!! you should try their breaky burrito. its amazing.

  13. a comment for the competition...

    i had to share a business...a shop.

    my business partner flipped, locks were changed, money taken out of accounts and i'm still trying to fix this one!

    sadly i don't think it will end well.

  14. When I was around seven years old and my brother was four, I was sitting in our shared bedroom with my brand new connector pens (I loved those) drawing some pictures of flowers in my scrapbook. My brother wanted to borrow a pen so I shared it with him, but then left the room to get a drink. I came back and he had drawn all over the carpet and when my mum came in she assumed it was me that had done it (I had been known to draw on the walls…) and nothing I could say would change her mind so she took my pens away :( Sharing sucks!

  15. Oh, I'm not sure if I was supposed to leave my email or not! Sorry. It's

  16. Mine is a bit of a sad sharing story. When I was 17 I broke up with my first love... we had been friends since we were 11 and I think I had a crush on him from the very beginning. We had been dating since we were 14 and when we broke up, I was heartbroken. It provided plenty of inspiration though, and it proved to be a period of prolific song writing. I have always been a shy performer but with encouragement from my sister, I decided to gather the courage to get up on stage at an open mic night and sing my sad little heart out. In retrospect, the songs were rather melodramatic ... but I had just lost my first love and I was 17, I could not curb such raw emotion!! I hopped up on stage and shared my songs with the audience, almost weeing myself with stage fright. I finished and found a seat in the audience to watch the other artists, only to look over and see my ex-boyfriend sitting a few seats over from me. I was so shocked to see him there and even more shocked to see he was glaring at me!
    He took me aside afterwards and scolded me for being so selfish and 'airing our dirty laundry' in front of a crowd. I went home and burst into tears to my sister.

    So that is my ridiculous story of sharing something that went horribly wrong! It took me about a year to get back up on stage again, for fear that an ungrateful muse might be lurking in the audience, waiting to scold me again. I mean, who doesn't want a song written about them?

  17. My little sister and I were born exactly 5 years and one day apart. Our parents loved our consecutive birthdays because they saved money and effort, and my sister and I loved being able to share a birthday party. Everything was fine when we were both little girls and could agree on themes like 'Little Mermaid' or 'Strawberry Shortcake', but by the time I was turning 15 while she was turning 10, the fun was over - for me. I remember having my friends around for what I wished to be a 'cool' get together while my sister's friends tore through the house, playing hide and seek. The boy I had a crush on had just arrived and all I could think of was spending as much time with him as possible. The highlight of the night was when one of the 4th graders knocked his glass of soft drink down his t-shirt and jeans. His wet sticky undies had the unusual effect of distracting him from my charms and his mum picked him up before he had even wished me happy birthday. My sister loved it. Needless to say we never shared a party again.
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