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"I love..." tees by Genki Christmas gift guides are hurting my head. I was going to make one, but I'm really lacking motiv...

Christmas gift guides are hurting my head. I was going to make one, but I'm really lacking motivation right now. Plus there are heaps of lovely ones around.

What I'm most looking forward to this Christmas is rest oh and time to read a book. It's been so long since I just sat for a whole day, even half a day and read a good book or since I really had time completely for me. I remember when I was little my Dad would buy me a bunch of books for Christmas and by the end of school holidays I had read them all.

PS. I have this 'I love reading' tee in blue, *book nerd
PSS. Genki are also doing $10 "I love..." Lucky Dip tees. Fingers crossed I get I love Chocolate, or I love Sleeping.

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  1. eeeeek! I want one!
    i think they should make one that says
    "books, not looks..." haha
    merry christmas, liss
    love your blog xoxo

  2. Such a lovely Christmas memory from when you were little Liss! Moments like this are what's best about this time of the year ;)

    Fantastique Mémoires from the Outer Space

  3. Haha naturally my favourite Genki T is 'I love cycling' :) But I also have #2 of their limited edition T 'I love the Games' to commemorate the 2008 Melbourne Commonwealth Games - it's still in good condition!

    Joyce aka Miss CycleStyle

  4. I made a gift guide, there are really too many pretty things around. But I understand the lack of motivation. I really recommend "The Distant Hours" by Kate Morton as an easy long book to lose yourself in for the holiday period. Plus Kate is such a nice person :)

    I hope you enjoy your rest liss!

  5. i'm really enjoying all the gift guides floating around. perhaps you could post a list of your favourite gift guides instead! x

  6. i love that t-shirt! :D i LOVE reading. and i wear glasses. and i have a master in literature. perfect!!

  7. @sianne ~ thats a great idea, ive seen so many lovely ones too!

    @Gundrun and Iris ~ hehe sounds like a perfect fit :)

  8. vicki from in.cube8rTuesday, December 07, 2010

    I'm hoping to hide away from the family for a few hours one day and finally read all the lovely new zines I've been collecting over the year!!! I think we love the idea of having a moment or two to read, given the fast pace we live!!

  9. I'm with you on the gift guides. There are so many, it's a little overwhelming! I'm hoping for some time to curl up with a good book too. It's at the top of my wish list.

  10. Lily! How would one get in touch with you? I would like to email you about something!

  11. like cute
    this t-shirt made for me
    I like to read:)

  12. Still don't know what to buy, but the t-shirt is great :)

  13. i know exactly what you mean! i've been meaning to create a christmas gift guide but all i want for christmas is some time to myself.

    ps. i'm hosting a giveaway on my blog this week. hope you check it out :)

  14. hehe, I bought my brother has the I Love Sleeping one!

    Ooh, the lucky dip sounds interesting! and such a bargain. Very tempted now.


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