Queensland Floods:: Auctions, fundraising and other flood related links

One of the positives to come out of these floods is seeing the amazing generosity of people, the way we all band together and help. The wate...

One of the positives to come out of these floods is seeing the amazing generosity of people, the way we all band together and help. The waters are subsiding but now is when people are really needing help to rebuild their homes and lives.

..Aftermath from Hurricane Katrina = 223,000m2 // Aftermath from Qld Floods = 1,000,000m2

I've been collecting some links of ways you might want to help out....

The Official QLD Flood Appeal

Handmade / Art / Fashion auctions with 100% proceeds to the Flood Appeal

  • Kirbee Lawler is running a print auction of her prints (flyer featured)
  • Lilly Piri is auctioning an original artwork on her blog.
  • That Vintage is having an auction of her jewellery over on facebook
  • Ames shoes is donating 100% of sales proceeds over the next week to the flood. So if you've been thinking of buying some clogs or boots then do it now! support emerging designers and the floods at the same time.
  • BrisStyle Handmade Ark Appeal.
Other things
If you are in Brisbane
  • in.cube8r in Fortitude Valley has opened up some cubes to take handmade goods and designer donations to sell with 100% of proceeds going to the flood victims. Info on in.cube8r facebook page
  • Jen of Style Milk has also been posting some happenings like baking relief (nom nom) and donated goods collections, such as personal hygeine products and the things most needed.
  • *****talking about baked relief --- super woman Digella has been organsing the baked relief effort and the story of her efforts has even gone international! Coordinating of baked relief is happening via twitter follow hashtag #bakedrelief
Don't forget all the animals affected, to help the animals donate to the RSPCA Queensland.

I'm sure there is lots more things I've missed so I will most likely be doing a second post (or updating this one with some more links). I already know there is some big auctions being put together to run next week, through Nuffnang, Pedestrian TV and a few others. More info on those to come.


UPDATE: ART 4 HEART Auction, seriously awesome line up of Aussie artists work up for auction. The auctions are being run over two weeks, so check the schedule to put your bids in for your favourite artists.

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  1. It's great to know everyone is getting behind each other to help with the recovery process as much as possible. My heart and prayers go out to all the people and pets affected and I hope we can see people band together more than ever before to rebuild homes/ lives/ businesses and schools.

  2. it's so good to see people putting their hearts and heads behind this disaster, even just posting this im sure is helping peoples awareness of the enormousness of what happened
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  3. vicki from in.cube8rSaturday, January 15, 2011

    I've opened up some cube space in store here in Fortitude Valley to ANYONE that wants to donate an item or two of handmade goodness - just drop it by and 100% of sales will be put through to the Relief Fund. Just go to www.incube8r.com.au to get my details - Thanks to all the supporters out there xxxx

  4. @vicki ~ oh thanks Vicki - will update the post.

  5. This is a wonderful list you've put together Liss! It's quite amazing to see how much people are willing to give. I helped with the clean up in Brisbane today and soooo many people turned out to help. So much generosity.

  6. don't get me wrong, i think this is absolutely awesome what everyone is doing there. i just wish that people would have done something similar for the poor people in pakistan :/

  7. It's amazing to see people helping each other the way I have seen on the news.
    @Marie: I understand what you mean, I think it is just natural to feel more of a pull to people in your own backyard so to speak.

  8. a comprehensive list that you put together liss! it's incredible to see how people are really willing to put together the efforts to help each other out like this. it might take a while to rebuild queensland and to get it back up and running normal as it was before, but it really is just amazing what people do to help.

  9. Great post. Have felt very helpless this week not being able to get in and help. It's great to know there are other ways to assist.

    Have awarded you a stylish blogger award at http://thepurplenotepad.blogspot.com/. Pop on over and collect it when you can.

  10. Great post Liss... I posted about a couple of Gold Coast based events that friends are organising

    Digella is doing such a fantastic job with baked relief, it is amazing following her on twitter (and was so nice to drop off snacks and water to people who have been working so hard).

  11. @marie ~ yes I do know what you mean, it was as if the world just forgot them, makes me very sad (and completely at a loss as to why??). I was reading today that for every person affected in Haiti approx $900 in aid was donated, for each Pakistani only $90.

    @fizzleout ~ thanks, aw you are so awesome to take them food. It is absolutely amazing me that 50,000 people have volunteered...that complete strangers are healping each other clean up...truley amazing!

  12. Hi Liz, what a great way to contribute! Good on you :)
    It's devastated what happened we kept watching the news and was horrified by all of it.

    PS: always lovely to flick through your lovely blog my dear.


  13. Thanks for sharing this Liz! I would have never found out about the Art4Heart initiative otherwise :)

    Some of us Australian Etsy members have also donated some items to help out, if you would like to share the site, here it is:


    Nikki xx

  14. this is so great, you are a good person!

  15. You are such a sweetheart for putting together this list Liz. Was excited to discover Sugar Sweet Dreams!


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