I'm going to Tokyo and I want to be a Mori Girl

Syrup Summer 2010 Collection Those who follow me on twitter are probably sick of me talking about Tokyo and how excited I am to be going...

Those who follow me on twitter are probably sick of me talking about Tokyo and how excited I am to be going. So sorry for all the tweets about it but seriously I have been drooling over all the cute shops and clothes for years now! Every time I see pictures of Tokyo and Japanese style such as on Hello Sandwich and Mori Girl my heart skips. Such loveliness.

So if you've been I'd love to know what was your favourite thing/place to see/do/stay in Tokyo.

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  1. So jealous!! And I'm not at all annoyed by your many Tokyo-tweets, I'm living vicariously through you :))

  2. ahhh, space mountain wa totemo tanoshi desu!
    you'll have so much fun, everything in japan is so much cuter than here!

  3. I'm jealous, hopefully i'll be able to go for my birthday next year

  4. go to LAFORET in Harajuku!! You'll love it!!

    also.. check out inokashira/kichijoji area.. it's hip, the park is nice.

    If you're into studio ghibli animation (I looove tottoro myself), the mitaka no mori ghibli museum is also amazing!!

  5. OMG this bear!!
    oh tokyo is great! say hi from me when you're there :)

    geee i WANT this little bear, it's too cute! :)

  6. Hey! I have been reading your blog for a while and I really love your selection of photos! So I am happy to be able to help you now! I went to Japan a few years ago and have some posts about it on my travel blog. Please use the Google translating tool on the left column (since it's mainly written in Spanish) and enjoy! Of course I would be glad if you also went through the rest of it. This is the link to the Japan posts...


    Big hugs from Spain!

  7. if you like "mori girl" vibes then definitely stop by the "calk walk" area close to harajuku and omotesando, and "daikanyama". theres a lot of interesting thrift stores in those areas and its fun to look at all the people walking around wearing cool clothes.

    be sure to go to asakusa to experience the "old" japan. youll love it here in tokyo :))

  8. It'd be good for you to learn Japanese before come to Tokyo. We Japanese really want to help someone like you but cannot speak English well!

    Bon Voyage! from Tokyo.

  9. I loved tokyo, especially wandering around the little streets and finding small ramen eateries tucked away somewhere.

  10. i am in tokyo visting at the moment -- my favourite place is kamakura (perfect for a day trip from the city)…it is a beautiful little seaside town filled with temples and shrines --and a 'bills' restaurant too. there is also a little babushka and kokeshi shop in the backstreets which i found almost impossible to find.

    but if you are actually in tokyo -- then omotesando is my favourite…little streets with boutiques…high end shop on the main tree lined street and right next to harajuku and meiji jingu shrine.

    have a fabulous time!!!
    tokyo is one of my favourite places to be :)

  11. aw, i'm going to visit tokyo too this april. when will you go there?

  12. Very very cute... oh so exciting going to Tokyo. I've already have had holiday book to Tokyo for September (I know, it's still February..), but I can hardly wait..

    Hope you enjoy it there!



  13. so so excited for you. i wish one day to go to japan as well!

  14. Ooh, I'd be plenty excited, too! Traveling is such fun. I love these photos. :)


  15. Tokyo! Such a feast for the eyes! For the soul! And most importantly, for FASHION! You must do Cat Street! {crosses Takeshita Dori and Omotesando Dori in the Harajuku area} Great shops + Perfect people watching. One more thing, make sure to enjoy some beyond-delicious yakiniku and matcha ice cream!

    Enjoy your trip!


  16. waa..thats exciting! i wish i had the chance to go to japan..since im japanese!!

    love mori girl style so much

  17. i´ve been to tokyo for 6 times now and it´s still one of my fav. cities!

    you should of course go to the tokyo tower, odaiba, ueno park and asakusa. these are my favourite places there!

    enjoy your trip and have a save flight!

  18. i ve never been to Tokyo, so i do understand your enthusiasm. have a nice time there and bring us nice photos! :)


  19. stop this! you're making me want to go to Tokyo even more than I already do! xx

  20. I'm so excited for you about Tokyo! Amazing :)And you deserve it. Also these pictures are so cute I'm overwhelmed!

  21. that sounds so exciting! lucky! these outfits are unbelievably great. You may have jsut shown me my new favorite designer.

  22. when are you going to Tokyo? I'm going in April for Sakura for my 2nd time now. Once you go, you won't stop thinking about it until you go again, and again, and again...

  23. I second the Ghibli museum in Mitaka, it's pretty easy to get to & a nice break from the hustle of Tokyo.
    In Tokyo, The AtoZ cafe is very cute if you like Yoshitomo Nara drawings!

  24. you are truly beautiful, have a nice time in tokyo!!


  25. I´ve never been - but I do hope to, one day. :-)

  26. Hi, I spent the whole autumn in Tokyo..and I totally loved it!!! It's such an amazing city! Be sure not to miss Shimokitazawa, The Mori Art Museum, Yoyogi koen and to treat yourself with honey sweet potatoes and mochi in beautiful Asakusa!

    xo from Italy!


    p.s. And if you wanna be a true japanese girl..don't forget to buy something furry :)

  27. Hi! Nice to meet u. I've lived in Tokyo.
    well, I strongly recommend "Konji" "Daikanyama".
    you can buy many cute vintage n used clothing!!
    and, there're so many nice cafe.
    In add, Harajyuku cat walk area.
    Hope you'll have a great time in Tokyo,Bon voyage:)!!

  28. Hii

    Check out my blog for Toky tips and pictures:


    I love the shopping around Shibuya and Harajuku, The sushi- everywhere and just watching people:)

    xo Nina

  29. love love love ; )


  30. it's so funny ! i'm in Tokyo now (for my business and a little for holidays) and i understand your meaning !!
    enjoy your travel, Tokyo is so awesome and weird !

  31. How exciting!

    I'm going to Japan in May with my boyfriend, so I have added those blogs to my reading list.

    Also check out: http://tokyofashion.com/

    Kel xo

  32. I don't think I could ever get sick of hearing about Tokyo or Japan! It's such a different culture altogether, it looks so much fun. It's so awesome that you get to go - I'm a little jealous! :)

  33. I went for the first time last year and loved it so much I'm going back this year! The superguide is pretty helpful: http://www.superfuture.com/supershop/supershop.php?do=product&productid=6

    ...and make sure you go to Golden Gai for a night out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shinjuku_Golden_Gai


  34. ohh, liss, so happy for you! you will LOVE tokyo!
    daikanyama is my favorite part of tokyo..and kamakura my favorite day trip outside of tokyo!

  35. Mori girl is absolute love! So jealous that you actually get to go to Tokyo. Be sure to check out the Wonder Rocket store in Ikebukuro! :)

    xx littleforestgirl.net

  36. hi this is my first time to write a comment:) im a japanese, and i reaally enjoy reading ur blog in tokyo. the places i would recommend are...
    for shopping:
    1)Harajuku(find a shop called "Laforet", ull love it! http://www.laforet.ne.jp/)
    2)Shimokitazawa (there are lots of little shops. accessories, clothes, many more)
    3)Shibuya(theres a massive statinary store called "Loft". "PARCO"is also nice, its a fashion department store)

    for sightseeing:
    1)Asakusa temple
    2)Kamakura(its outside Tokyo, but worth going)

    i hope u enjoy!

  37. oh, you lucky girl! i'm sure you'll have such a great time
    i went to tokyo on 2008 and absolutely loved it :) on our last day we spent the day in kichijoji park and sipped coffe at café du liévre. it was so pretty and lovely! my camera died moments before we arrived so unffortunately i have no pictures of my own to show :(

    here are some i found on the web: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nekousa/4469821770/ / http://milkrown.livedoor.biz/archives/51720004.html

    all tokyo is amazing, but if you have the time, i recommend you to jump on the train and spend a day in kamakura. it's about an hour from tokyo and absolutely beautiful :)

  38. wow its great! enjoy yourself in Japan, its such a wonderful country I would have loved to go! :)

  39. I have yet to go in APril ...and can hardly wait too!!!!
    Hope you have a grand time there! =)

  40. Such dreamy photos. ♥♥♥

    So funny you mention Hello Sandwich, I'm friends with her here in Japan! I have a blog all about delicious food in Tokyo which you might find helpful: www.fashimi.com

    I hope you have a wonderful time in Tokyo! x

  41. i'd love to go there too, please enjoy ;)

  42. argh I want that blue jumper! So Cute! x

  43. So cool. I think I return when you get back. Want to exchange info? Like cute shops, etc? I'll be there for a little over three weeks, leaving March, returning April. email me or dm me on twitter! ^_^

  44. i love her hair in the top bun. adorable! i love it. i wish i was going to tokyo. very jealous.




  45. I understand that you're looking forward to it. I'm going to Tokyo in April myself!!!! I'v been jumping up and down since we decided to go there :-D

  46. I am off to Tokyo on Monday and have been noting down all the suggestions from the above comments - talk about perfectly timed! hehe.

  47. Hi! My name is Yoko.
    I'm Japanese, and live in tokyo.

    I'm not good at English though,
    I enjoy visiting your blog!

    Here is some blog(site) of typical mori girl.
    (They are famous & popular among Japanese mori girls)


    I hope you enjoy your stay in Tokyo!


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