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Happy Valentines Day lovelies. Aren't these knitted hearts by iro iro the cutest? (found via Netherless ) What are you dong for the da...

Happy Valentines Day lovelies. Aren't these knitted hearts by iro iro the cutest? (found via Netherless)

What are you dong for the day? Do you celebrate it? I just got back from my mini trip to Melbourne and had such a fun time hanging out with my sister and Mum. We went to see Archibald winning artist Del Kathryn Barton give a talk and I also spent a day shopping in St Kilda and Chapel st. Oh and I also went to Daisos in Richmond, so much Japaneses cuteness in that shop! Everytime I go back to Melbourne I end up rushing around the whole time with people to catchup with and things to do, its nice but also nice to be home again. If that makes sense.

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  1. Hi Liss,

    My hubby put together a lovely gourmet recipe for us after we caught up with my butcher friend on the weekend, so I'm planning to decorate the kitchen and have a yummy candlelit dinner =)


  2. @blackcurrantphotography ~ oh lovely, we are making dinner too, probably pasta.

  3. I'm definitely in love with little woolen things of late, and these are definitely up there. OH THAT ELEPHANT!!

  4. Cutest goodies EVER. I would have loved to wake up to those this morning. xx

  5. oh Daiso! you're going to have fun exploring the real deal in Tokyo, no doubt :)

  6. Such cute photos! :) Happy Valentines Day!
    xxx mervi

  7. glad you've had a great time with family! i... am not a big fan of valentine's day. but i hope you've had a great one! :)

  8. Wow these are SO SO adorable. xxx

  9. Aww the lil heart & elephant are adorable!!! =)

    Happy Valentine's day!!!

    Melanie's Randomness

  10. prettiest photos! great photographer. love looking around your blog.

  11. Really so cute this hearts and the elephant, would love to be that good in knitting!
    My little girl is sick and my husband rehearse with his band tonight, so I'm sitting in front of the Tv with pralines on my own and hope that my girl sleeps well today :)
    good time to you!


  12. Absolutely adorable!
    Happy Valentines Day
    Hope you had a good one

  13. Oh cute cute cuuuuuute!



  14. adorable! you have so much good stuff on here..i just started my blog and so i can only hope to grow it as well as yours...if you have a minute i would love it if you could have a look and if you like it maybe follow? it would mean so much! i'd really appreciate it :-) thank you!

  15. I love elephants! :) This is super cute!! I want to learn how to make that elephant heart pair!


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