Packing for New Zealand

I'm off to New Zealand later today for the Diana World Tour and also to catch up with Amanda ! I was inspired to do a packing post af...

I'm off to New Zealand later today for the Diana World Tour and also to catch up with Amanda! I was inspired to do a packing post after seeing this one on Wildfox.

What I Packed:

My favourite Polkadot maxi vintage skirt - I got from The Village Markets
Spotty dress from Sportsgirl
floral crop top from Element Eden (gifted)
blue tank dress - General Pants (forget the brand)
sheer purple top Alice in the Eve
Element Eden black skinny jeans (gifted)
black basics - singlet, leggings, cardi

Maybe will add in a jumper too as I've been told the nights are getting cold in NZ.

Pink Holga
Light Blue Superheadz
A bag of film - yep that IS a big of film, NOT a sick bag.

Jewellery & Accessories
(I've packed WAY to much jewellery)
That Vintage necklaces & earrings (which I'll be stocking in the shop)
various bangles
porceline key necklace from Nonesuch Things
Awesome handmade necklace my Mum made in the 80's.
My favourite BoHo headband my sister gave me.

iPad, iPhone, passport & Element Eden overnight bag.

So thats my packing, plus a few extras you probably don't want to see photos of :P
If you've done a packing post do share I'd love to see!

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  1. I see a Georgie in there. Are you packing her!?!

  2. Great post! Love the light blue camera. Have a fun trip x

  3. How exciting! Are you going to the Opening Night party? Because I am!

    Andrea x

  4. @Andrea ~ yes, I am. I guess youll know what Im wearing already, haha three outfit choices.

  5. @Bec ~ hehe yep that is a Georgie bum. She sat and watched me pack. Wish I could take her!!!

  6. what shoes are you taking??

  7. @rosemaryx ~ oh shoes, I forgot to include them in the photo. I'm packing a pair of brown sandals that are strappy. They have a thick Tstrap and ankle cuff straps. go with everything.

  8. Ahh I love these kinds of posts (I'm such a snoop haha). You've packed well! I'm keen to do a similar kind of post for my Europe trip in a few months... although the thought of it is already making me anxious - packing suitable attire for backpacking, 5 days of camping and festival-ing at Glasto, Ascot races, and general trying-to-be-fashionable-in-London-and-Paris attire... aaahhhhh!

    Wish I could have seen the Diana World tour.. why oh why didn't they come up to QLD? Have fun in NZ :)

  9. @soph ~ its always hard ot know what to pack and what the weather will be like! If Im packpacking I always try to pack the minimum possible so Im not carrying it everywhere.

  10. I hope you have a great time here! I'm sure you'll find lots of things to photograph <3

  11. Oh look! Seems like 'everyone' have a great holiday vacation while i'm still here stuck in my office!

    Read here for more

    Have a great trip, dear ^_^...Share some more photographs!

  12. oh how exciting!
    so jealous of your pink holga [although i shouldn't complain about mine as it's signed by the chicks on speed! hahah]
    i hope you have a wonderful trip, i'd love to visit new zealand one day!

  13. I went to New Zealand at the start of this year, it is such a beautiful place. I hope you have an awesome time :)

  14. I wish I had an interesting place to go in order to do a packing post! Have fun! xo

  15. Ooh! My friends and I are thinking about going to New Zealand at the end of the year! Haha, I know! It's still AGES away :P !

    I really like the patterns/prints on your clothes! I should buy more polka dot items!

  16. Aww take me with you!
    I love that floral crop top from Element Eden. And that pink Holga makes me happy to look at. :)
    It's definitely safe to say you're a lot better at simplistic packing than I am.

  17. Have a fun trip!! I love the polka dots :)

  18. Definitely pack a sweater and warm socks if you are coming to Wellington. It is getting quite wintery here, and it is always cold once it hits 6pm.

  19. I hope that you have a lovely time over there and take lots of photos to share with us all! :)

  20. Whoa! Interesting enough, I'm leaving on a trip tomorrow as well, so I sorta copied you. :)

    Here's a link. :)

  21. Nice clothes selection

    Have a lovely trip and bring some nice photos


  22. Gosh, you're so organised with your packing ... you put my own efforts to shame! Have fun in NZ!! :D

  23. wow, sooo fun!
    cant wait to see pictures!

  24. love all the cameras, cannot wait to see al your amazing pictures, have a great trip!

    <3 steffy

  25. I adore packing posts! Love them :)

  26. wish i could come!! have a fab time in NZ and take lots of photos!! (i see you're all prepared with those films wrapped in the "sick bag" hahaha..

  27. Love these kind of posts! you're so organised!

  28. Lucky! Have fun in New Zealand! <3

  29. i like your packing post. all the florals and polka dots are great! you're going to look super cute on your trip...have fun!

  30. Your clothes look adorable! And ah! A pink holga! So cute.

  31. beautiful post!
    you are a great packer! I always pack too much..:)
    have a lovely trip! ♥

  32. I hope you will have a great time there!I am very jealous!I would like to go too,I found lots of great inspiration on your blog!

  33. I am ADORING the mint green & pink camera - wicked. Have a fun trip. See you when you come back - pop over and see me sometime:O)
    A xx

  34. Have a great trip from all of us at Four Corner Store! We always like to see creative re-use of our packaging... so if you really, really need a sick bag we won't be offended! Send us some pics when you get some... Cheers--

  35. these cameras are just way toooo cute <3 And NZ is lovely so have a great trip!

  36. I know its an old post, but any great suggestions for places to visit in Auckland? (even though you were only there for a weekend!)

    Love your work!

  37. Hi, I know this is an extremely old post, but what films do you use for your superheadz? Especially since Kodak, Konika etc film is mostly out of stock everywhere?


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