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Things have been busy and I also got a bit sick over the weekend so finally an update about the shop...

Things have been busy and I also got a bit sick over the weekend so finally an update about the shop. I wanted to say thank you SO SO much for all the support with my new venture. It really has been so nice and encouraging to read all your comments and watch the orders come in. Some things have sold out already!

Anyways I've been wanting to share a few of my favourites from the shop. So in clockwise order from top left.

1.Chip Chop! - LOVE Denim bag
2.That Vintage - Deer Pendant Light
3. Arabella Ramsay - Khakadu Flutter Dress(as seen in Frankie Magazine)
4. Darling Clementine Cards
5. Gillian Tennant - Pannelled Blouse & Tucked Skirt

Also these super amazing Japanese interiors books, so inspiring!

Happy Monday. x
PS. I have a giveway going up later tonight, so do check back for that.

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  1. I hope you get well soon :)!

  2. Happy Monday Liss!!

    I'm loving Gillian Tennant's designs so much! So fine and feminine! Great to know you stock her beautiful cloths!!

    Feel well soon! xx

  3. ooo the polkdot dress is sooo cute. hearts hearts everywhere

    Bright Green Laces

  4. Glad to hear your new venture is going well. I love the flutter dress - if only I was 4 sizes smaller and 20 years younger : }

  5. get well soon. :)
    that's some cute favorites you have there, going to take a look right now!

    lots of love

  6. <3

    Are you still watching One Tree Hill? :) I stopped half way through season seven, I think. It just isn't the same without Lucas and Peyton :(

  7. @h.tea - um what no more Lucas and Peyton??! I'm a bit behind. Last season I saw was when they just had the baby. That reminds me I should catch up!

  8. How fabulous that you've already had some sell-outs!! :)
    That must be so rewarding to see things flying out the virtual door.

  9. what cute things!!! and i agree it must be so exciting to see things flying out the door :D

  10. Lovely things here. Would love to win these for my daughter!

  11. Thank you, it was very interestingly.

  12. The Beaty for my eyes
    And Music for my ears
    This Beaty is a balsam
    for my frozen soul and tears.

  13. Just saw the store and I am very impressed! I will so be buying one of those sweet cloud mobiles when I get paid :)


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