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This is guest post from Erika, originally posted on asuyeta blog . ~~ Do you love being crafty and creative, but sometimes hit a creative w...

This is guest post from Erika, originally posted on asuyeta blog. ~~

Do you love being crafty and creative, but sometimes hit a creative wall and have nowhere to turn? Here are 5 books that will help you jump over that wall immediately!

Actually, these books were some of my biggest inspirations for my AW2011/12 collection, which will be out next month!

PATCHWORK STYLE by Suzuko Koseki
Super cool Japanese craft style book with 35 simple projects for a cozy & colorful life.
Filled with a ton of inspiring images and super easy step by step tutorials.

FACEHUNTER by Yvan Rodic
362 images to get inspired by. The street is your catwalk says it all.

ZAKKA SEWING byTherese Laskey & Chika Mori
Another Japanese style book, filled with 25 projects that feature very inspiring images and easy, step by step tutorials.

Finde deinen Style (Find your Style) by Moewig
This book is a serious inspiration overload. Filled with styling tips from well know bloggers like Style Bubble, The Coveted, Sea of Shoes, and more. And the good thing, even if you don't speak German, you will love it, because its mostly pictures!

This is a super cute book filled with inspirational mini quilts and step by step tutorials.

I hope you find as much inspiration in these books as I have.

Guest post from Erika. Erika is the owner and designer of the independent fashion label asuyeta. You can follow her collection, inspirations and blog over at

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  1. Zakka Sewing looks really good! I'll have to check it out, I need some inspiration.

  2. Thank you, nice to get some book tips:)
    Love the cover of the first book!

    Have a great week <3

  3. These all look great, the Zakka sewing looks cute, will check it out. Great post!

  4. Great selection of books, great to see the Japanese ones now in english translation, they are all going on my book wish list!

  5. I love Zakka style! These books are all so lovely and inspiring, I want to read the 'mini quilts' one especially! ♥

  6. I love Japanese style books, but I'm not allow to buy anymore because my boyfriend thinks I have too many :)

  7. Looks like a sweet bunch of inspiration. I never get enough of craft books.

  8. This post is perfect! Just what I need.

  9. These books are fantastic, thanks for sharing them...just what I needed!
    Take care,

  10. They look like great books, definitely full of inspiring images. Thank you!

  11. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing xxx

  12. Oh Liss!!! These are absolutely awesome and such perfect timing too!!!! I'm just about to get a friend a present and these are fab.

  13. Such a great books! Lovely blog...


  14. Omg! I love the PRETTY LITTLE MINI QUILTS~ Thanks for sharing, dear..

    by the way, I got a book project to share here. Please tell our other friends,

    Thank u so much...

  15. As a book lover, I always appreciate a reading and inspiration tip. :)Ada

  16. These are all just lovely and remind me of some of the books I have in my bookshelf. Espically ZAKKA SEWING by Therese Laskey & Chika Mori, I've a Swiss book that is very similar which I love.


  17. omg i want all these books! oh except that i don't really sew.. i still want the book anyway, it's pretty!

  18. Nice. I'd love to get my hands on the first book! And the one on fashion and style :) Thanks for sharing these with us!

  19. What a lovely selection. All books I would buy myself!


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