The Grates new album

I LOVE The Grates and I'm so excited to see their 3rd album is now here. Secret Rituals feature...

I LOVE The Grates and I'm so excited to see their 3rd album is now here. Secret Rituals features cover illustration by Australian artist Mark Whalen (aka Kill Pixie) and as part of the album premiere you can watch a video for every track on the album, over at The Grates youtube stream.

I did work on an interview to accompany this post but The Grates never got back to me. Which is the second time I've been invited to interview a musician to no reply. I feel so rejected........ But Grates I know you've been super busy with the new album and wouldn't have time for my wee little interview...I still love you!

PSSST You can download their new song Borrowed Skin for FREE

Hope you are all having a nice weekend.

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  1. I really like this song and The Grates now, it's an amazing song. I'm addicted now :)

  2. i never heard of the till now, and wow amazing

  3. I love the Grates, they are a bunch of super fun and talented people. I still remembered the first time I saw them live at the Metro and they ended the show by releasing hundreds of colourful balloons from the ceiling. Their album cover looks amazing, can't wait to get my paws on their new album.

  4. oh that's a shame they didn't get back to you, I love them too, I would have loved to read an interview. It's always a bit odd to get contacted by someone and then have them not respond - happened to me a few times too. I guess people are really really busy.

    Congrats again on your blog birthday!

  5. I adore Patience and this new album is growing on me very quickly. My friend went to their concert this weekend and managed to meet her and score a signed drum skin for her un born baby...awwwww. I am however slightly miffed that they are not including Tassie in their tour this time. Sad face.

  6. Leuk album! De cover is ook super mooi!

  7. The illustration on their cover is uber amazing! :)

    The Cat Hag

  8. I like the Grates as well, too bad they didn't get back to you! :(

    Fox Whiskers

  9. I had never heard of them before reading this post, but I have a new love. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Full of surprises- love your article that has a sense of fun! Christian Louboutin Sale

  11. love the cover art for this album!


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