Jeannine Tan :: Photographer Interview

This was orginally posted on Leeloo as part of my guest blogging there. I'll be sharing the interviews I did for Leeloo on the blog here...

This was orginally posted on Leeloo as part of my guest blogging there. I'll be sharing the interviews I did for Leeloo on the blog here over the coming weeks.....

First up is an interview with young Melbourne photographer Jeannine Tan who I blogged about a little while back here.

Name: Jeannine Tan
Age: 17
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Favourite Equipment: 50mm lens

Have you always loved photography? How did you get started?
I picked up my parents camera when I was around 7. I didn’t quite love it then because I couldn’t focus correctly no matter how hard I tried. It quite a stressful period in my life! I really started loving it when I played around with all the buttons and found the macro function. I realised I could capture so much detail in a little photo and it totally amazed me. It still does, really.

Tell me more about the tumblr project, it sounds exciting! How did it come about? and was it just for New York Fashion Week?
Oh, it was exciting! Rich Tong from Tumblr sent me a gem of an email asking if I would like to attend New York Fashion week with 23 other bloggers. Of course I said yes! As well as attending fashion shows, we also got to meet amazing people such as Oscar de la Renta and Nina Garcia.

What about Oyster Magazine, I love the photos you took for them. How did this come about?
Thank you! While we were exchanging emails about featuring my photography, they asked if I would like to cover Rosemount Australian Fashion Week for them.

What is your favourite type of photography to do? And what has been a favourite project…
I love photography whenever I can be creative and have a bit of fun with it. At the moment, my favourite type is fashion photography but I’m very mouldable and love many things. My favourite project so far would have to be shooting for Oyster magazine. I was kind of scared to fly to an unfamiliar city, stay at a hotel, find locations and take photographs by myself. I was positive something was going to go wrong but everything went perfectly and it was so rewarding seeing the final pictures.

Do you have a photograph that you love? what is the story behind it?
I love this photo (above). I love the golden light, the wind and her expression. Everything came together really nicely for this picture. The photo is part of a shoot I did with NZ designer Kelsey Genna.

Any tips for people getting started in photography?
Ask friends if they would like to model for you, be creative and try out new ideas, bring your camera everywhere, make yourself some websites and get yourself out there

All images by Jeannine Tan.

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  1. Her photography is so breathtaking. I've been following her blog for a little while now and I get so excited every time she updates.

  2. I love these photos! It's so inspiring to see how a passion for photograpy can make so much awesome things happen!

    For anyone else starting out in photography, I really recommend experimenting with film and teaching yourself how to use the manual settings on your camera.

  3. beautiful pics! (:

  4. Very nice! I'm trying to put everything out there that I can.

  5. It's so great to see someone at such a young age shoot for so many awesome shows, magazines, etc and also get to travel. The industry is really changing as a whole...

  6. Love the first photo, great lighting.

  7. the last one is lovely...
    I adore the flowers in her hair.

  8. I love her favorite picture, there is just something about that light that always gets me. And those tips are so helpful, I need to start annoying my friends about modeling!
    Liss, I also have a question. I saw your comment with some advice about blogging on Pile of Style, and was wondering if you could look at my blog if you have a minute or two and tell me what you think. Your blog just looks so professional, and mine is not even close, so every snippet of advice is really apprechiated. Well, if you have some time.

  9. What's with all these young talented photographers these days? Too good. Jeannine has some beautiful photos.

    You should check our Aimee Han too... love her photography



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