Windows ~ A Disposable Camera Project

One of the things I do love about running a giveaway is getting to discover more of my readers' blogs. That is how I found Clare's ...

One of the things I do love about running a giveaway is getting to discover more of my readers' blogs. That is how I found Clare's blog yesterday and then came across her Disposable Cameras Theme project. Checkout her Windows, Things in groups and People and their bikes.

I'm often a bit lost for what I can take photos of next, I feel that I've taken so many pictures of my dogs and markets and parks, sometimes I need some inspiration. I love Clare's ideas of making a theme to her photo adventures! Now what theme to do...

Happy Weekend.

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  1. ahhhhh i love this! that bottom photo is a real treasure!

  2. That is a lovely theme! Thanks for sharing! I started a door theme when I was travelling and took a door photo of all the places I went to. With me next to it of course hehe. I've posted some of the collection on my blog:)

  3. There's just something about film.

    ♥ sécia

  4. Front doors are also a nice theme, especially here in Vienna where you have lots of old doors. I looove the idea! I'm much too much the chaotic kind of photographer! :D
    Thanks for the inspiration, Liss!!


  5. oh disposable cameras remind me of family holidays when I was little (such tragic photos too). It would be neat to go out for a day and take photographs based on a theme.

  6. What a cute idea! Disposable cameras produce some cool shots.

  7. Her photos are beautiful - and I feel very nostalgic about my teen years using a disposable camera ALL the time. Good luck finding some inspiration - we all struggle with that - just keep showing up (with your camera handy) and it will come!

  8. These pictures are so lovely! I've been trying to finish off a roll of film on my LC-A+ but haven't known what to photograph next so this has given me a few ideas, thank you :)

  9. The pictures are lovely and often those that we think are not going to be good, turn out to be brilliant. Well done.


  10. We have a photo club at work at have bi-weekly themes.... such as:
    reversed portraits (from the back)

    just to name of few that we have done this year.
    have fun

  11. Wow, these are really beautiful. I love the flat light and muted colors. You never think to take a disposable camera out these days, now that we're all walking around with our iPhones and digital cameras, and some of us even film. These are lovely. I think I will add this to my list of projects.

  12. what a lovely series. i very much liked people and their bikes :)

  13. I love looking at gorgeous houses and making stories up about them

  14. I am loving the window inspiration, such a great idea.

    Fox Whiskers

  15. Thanks to digital photography, anything less looks like conventional film that was left in a drawer for a decade and developed to great effect. This is an excellent project.

  16. Really enjoy this idea, with the throw away camera. I have one sitting in my drawer that I still haven't developed from 4 years ago! Better get to it....

  17. If you want inspiration, you should check out the work of recently discovered street photographer Vivian Maier. Stunning:

  18. Wow, Thank-you so much Liss!

    I feel so privileged and happy that I have been a source of inspiration! You have really made my morning, and my cheeks are hurting from smiling :D!


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  20. oh my, it's been to long since I checked your blog!!!
    gorgeous pictures!!

    with love,

  21. makes me want to go buy a disposable camera now! :]] soo lovely <3


  22. My friend gifted me a bunch of disposables and they are so much fun. I don't really have to think or analyze before I take a picture.


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