milk from a thistle - summer 2011

Milk from a thistle summer 2011 collection. I love Milk from a thistle's prints!! last season...

Milk from a thistle summer 2011 collection.
I love Milk from a thistle's prints!! last season I loved the Stallion print and this season my favourite would be the cloud print. Also really liking the pops of orange-y red through the collection. I've noticed I've been getting more and more of this colour, it started with nail polish and now I have two dress and shoes in this colour. Its fast becoming my favourite fresh summer colour.

They have also got 50% off previous collection in their online store. Maybe I'll get that Stallion print I've been eyeing.

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  1. "..I wasn't born of a whistle
    Or milked from a thistle at twilight
    No, i was all horns and thorns
    Sprung out fully formed, knock-kneed and upright,,"

    i just like that they're named from a line in a joanna newsom song

  2. Haha, I saw the first picture scrolled down a bit and suddenly she was wearing shorts!

    Anyway, this is a beautiful collection! I esppecially love the 2nd and 3rd pictures.

  3. These are lovely, especially the skirt and shirt. Beautiful prints, very light and girly! xx

  4. loving the clouds

  5. My sister wears a skirt as a dress that reminds me of that one on top! I love it!

  6. def loving the dress in the 2nd pic!!

  7. I love these prints so much! That skirt...glorious..

    A x


    x Maybel

  9. I love the print on these garments!


  10. love love love the red dress. very cute!

  11. Thanks for sharing – There are couple of others which I think deserve a mention like 99 Designs etc. It will be great if you could also feature some UX sources in the list! Cheers

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