Beneath the sun

Tuesday, November 22

One of the stalls I wished I got the chance to visit at The Finders Keepers markets is that of Australian Illustrator and Designer Leah Bartholomew. Leah has just released a textiles range under the name Beneath The Sun.
The range features locally-produced and environmentally conscious products made from natural, quality materials featuring her artworks. I love thecushions!
For those on the Gold Coast, you can now catch Beneath the sun at The Village Markets.


  1. just delightful! the colours are gorgeous. need that girl & flowers cushion!

  2. i was super sad that i couldnt make the finders keepers markets - but super glad i love on the gold coast and can go and hunt these amazing designs down!
    they are just gorgeous, thank you for sharing!

  3. Love the boldness of this post...seems like neon pinks, yellows and greens are coming back in :)

  4. can't get over these- so cute! would love these pillows. reminds me of my pencilcase that says 'you are my sunshine.' i love the theme of sun :)

  5. Imagine waking up in the morning to those pillows - you couldn't help but smile.

    Andrea x

  6. Thank you Daydream Lily!! and thanks for all the lovely comments. Visit us at Bangalow Markets this weekend if you fancy a day in the country! x


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