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His & Hers :: Status Anxiety Wallets

Wednesday, November 30

 I've always loved those what's in my handbag posts you see around the blog-o-sphere so thought it would be fun to do a his & hers themed one with our new matching his & hers Status Anxiety Wallets. Although Glen's is more,what's in his pockets and mine, what is in my bag that isn't bits of rubbish and lolly wrappers!


  • Status Anxiety Audrey purse in pale pink
  • Fieldguided blush thunder tote.
  • Element Eden camera bag the perfect size for my LC-A+, this has become my must carry every where film camera.
  • babushka doll tins, housing some spare rolls of film. These come in the LC-A+ package from Lomography and are so cute!
  • iPhone & keys
  • Frankie journal
  • Mascotte sunglasses
  • Aveda handcream (love this stuff! got it as a sample a few years ago and wish I could find it again in the small size, perfect for my handbag)
  • burts bees lipbalm, thanks Amanda for getting me onto this!
Feel free to join in with your own what's in my handbag post and leave a link. 


  1. love this!! love the wallets, beautiful and simple.
    burts bees totally rocks too :)


  2. I like too !look what they have in the bag ;)

  3. loving his notebook. such a cute post.

    X, Annie

    p.s. dont miss the blogger against aids charity auction by mau-fashion also on my blog

  4. I've just had a look at the Status Anxiety wallet - and it's very, VERY firmly on my Christmas list this year. If my Mr doesn't get it for me, there will be serious words. :P

  5. wow i love this style and the vintage details!!

  6. I love these kinds of posts too. Your camera bag is really adorable.

  7. Aw, this is adorable! I'd do this if I had interesting things in my bag...

  8. Great pics and cute stuff! ♥ Have a christmas-special on my blog with stuff like this as possible christmas-presents! :)

  9. Cuteness.

    ♥ sécia

  10. i love them.. i have purchased all there stuff!


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