My Christmas Wishlist / Gift Guide

1 // Love Mae  Tea Time Decals      2 // Lomo  LC-A+ White 3 // Lily Piri  Deer Phone Skin      4 // Lobo Luxe  Astrid Pendant 5 // Golden...

1 // Love Mae Tea Time Decals    
2 // Lomo LC-A+ White
3 // Lily Piri Deer Phone Skin    
4 // Lobo Luxe Astrid Pendant
6 // Kit Cosmetics Christmas in My Kitchen Kit
7 // The Design Files 2012 Calendar
8 // Molten Store Crystal End Bracelet
10 // Frankie 2012 Diary
11 // Follow Store Ceramic Bambi Planter
12 // Bec Winnel Hanna Print

Big thanks to Rachel of the super inspiring blog In Spaces Between, for making this pretty collage for me! Rachel has been making some really amazing gift guides and is a pro at these collages!

Every year I tell myself this will be the year I get organised and make some really great gift guides that include lots of Australian design and independent boutiques and every year time seems to get away from me. I did bookmark plenty of things to include.. art, handmade, local design, etc.. but was struggling to make the collage. So thanks Rachel for coming to the collage making rescue.

Check out the other gift guides on In Spaces Between for ...  
The Seriously Stylish
The office Kris Kringle
The Girls

Plus a few more gift guides I'm loving...
Meet Me At Mikes Good Stuff :: Holiday Guide
The Design Files guest Christmas Wishlist Series

So lovelies, what is on your Christmas Wishlist this year?  My number one wish would be that white LC-A+,  it is oh so pretty! 

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  1. Oh, that little dear pot planter ... Want, want, want.
    Kelly @ 
    Elegantly Academic

  2. aww everything looks great! I want a lomo camera, but a good friend sent me a mini Diana *__* I am so happy, I´m waiting for that
    and I wish a new phone skin!! great list

  3. Pretty!! It is very 'you'! Love that camera too. So cute

  4. Oh deer ... Number three is a doosey!

  5. The deer phone skin is adorable! I wish it came for a droid :)

  6. Aww great list! I really wan the bambi planter! I think Jonathan is getting me a camera! I sent him the links you sent me :-)

    X A

  7. This list is really lovely. I love the jewelry and the LC-A+. I wouldn't mind a new camera but I'm always happy with the gifts my family picks out. They tend to choose very well.
    Of course, if I could have a list of highly improbable gifts I could think of quite a few...;)

  8. Hi Liss, love your wishlist and chuffed you chose something from Lobo Luxe! Hope Santa is good to you!
    Charmaine xox

  9. Oh, all these things are so cute! I especially want that white L-CA+

  10. Oh, I want them all!
    And the iPhone deer case is just awesome!

  11. This is so great wishlist ! I would like to have all this things ;)

  12. Lovely wishlist!
    The deer phone is cute ;)

  13. such a great list :) a lot of inspiration here!

  14. Those Thelma shoes are darling!


  15. wow this wish list is brilliant!!!! Love it!

  16. a wonderful list :) hope you get some goodies xx

  17. Great list;)


  18. I seriously want every single item on this list!! Argh its like you read my mind. But my number one choice would have to be that iphone case... wow, I want!

  19. that's a perfect gift guide list!
    you gave me some great ideas!!


  20. well hello old friend :)
    want just about everything on here!
    Come see my gift guide, i'm still adding them to my blog

  21. Love your gift roundup and the whole series too Liss! Hope you've had a great weekend... and are keeping dry at the coast...

    x Catherine @ The Spring

  22. didnt your sister give you one free print? haha :)

  23. awwww I love the Deer phone! it's so cute. great wish list

    Happy Holidays


  24. That is so cute!

    check out our blog, follow us on bloglovin, leave tons of comments.


  25. Love the wishlist! :)


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