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L'avion 'Flora & Fauna' Collection

Thursday, December 15

My super amazing and talented friend Kelly Smith recently collaborated with Jo Scahill of L'avion for her 'Flora & Fauna' range, out now. There were three artists all up in the collaboration including Sarah Hankinson and Spiros Halaris, with each artist contributing an illustration for the collection to be made into a gorgeous silk scarf.

I'm absolutely smitten with Kelly's illustration for it (the first scarf pictured).... The peacock, the big colourful flowers and her gorgeous girls! love!!!  I just had to treat myself to one for Christmas.

Also if you pop over to Kelly's blog there is a special little discount for all purchases in the L'avion shop till tomorrow midnight, details HERE.


  1. The first one is my absolute favourite! <3 What beauties!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  2. I am a great collector of scarfs!! Love these:)

  3. I love the flowers! Gorgeous colours.

  4. Oh my holy WOW! Absolutely beautiful.

  5. Wow!!! These are exquisite!! xx

  6. Thanks for sharing gorgeous girl! Can't wait to flappin' round your neck in the Mt Beauty breeze ;)

  7. wow such pretty items !! :)
    I love your blog!

    I have an amazing blog giveaway would love if you joined! One Teaspoon, Tony Bianco and more!
    Morgan xx

  8. oh my heart melts, these are lovely!
    i got my hands on one of these lovely scarves i would wear it all the time!
    love the last one!


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