Little Love & Happiness

camera: Minolta x300  film: Fuji 400ISO expired film from Four Corner Store As promised here are some photos I took of new concept s...

camera: Minolta x300  film: Fuji 400ISO expired film from Four Corner Store

As promised here are some photos I took of new concept store Little Love & Happiness.
I came across Little Love & Happiness via the Finders Keepers blog and was so happy to discover a store on the Gold Coast that stocks the cute things I'd seen online like, Bambi planters, Rabbit Lamps, and Orla kiely notebooks & cup as well as beautiful fresh flowers that are so hard to find on the coast!

They also have copies of Paper Runway! I managed to pick up a copy of issue two - the one with my sisters cover artwork.

PS. Those on the Gold Coast (or planning to visit) looking for markets, cafes, resturants, bars, shops etc to checkout have a look at The Naked City Guide. I was so happy to be given a copy of this guide (thanks Amber) when I first moved here!

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  1. Gorgeous photos Liss! I have that little standing deer :) The fuzzy one. He's on my mantle with a little Kokeshi and a vintage birdy decoration I bought yest. It's being overrun with Christmas cuteness right now.
    I wish I knew about this shop when I was there - looks so nice.

    P.S How many owls/deers did you go home with? ;)

  2. @Kelly ~ haha surprisingly none, but I have my eye on the bambi planter!! And when I got the photos developed I realised I had photographed nearly every type of owl / deer in the shop. hahaha

  3. what a cute vintage store. Are those different pieces of wallpaper all across the wall? What a fun idea!

  4. These turned out so good! Ah i love film.

    We have the Auckland Art and Craft Fair on this Saturday and I'll be shooting it in film. Seriously excited!

  5. I am very like this posting, waitng for next..pls keep continue new posts.

  6. Hi Liss. I'm Priscilla, from Rio, Brazil. These photos are gorgeous. A very interesting store, I think.


  7. the shop has a lot of cute things

  8. Ohh...I have a slight obsession with all things deer related!! Can't wait for the store to open. Yippee!

  9. Hi Liss, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! You can check it out here.

  10. Hello,

    Where do you get your film develop?
    DO you get it scanned by the same place as well?

  11. I love your photos!
    Hugs from norway

  12. Beautiful blog and very cute pictures! :D

    Hugs, Jessica

  13. Will definitely be checking this out when I'm home for Christmas!! Thanks for the great photos!

  14. Gorgeous photos! The store looks lovely as well.


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