Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year lovelies!  I haven't had a chance to blog much of late. My days have been spent in the country taking a break with fam...

Happy New Year lovelies!  I haven't had a chance to blog much of late. My days have been spent in the country taking a break with family.....eating pancakes for breakfast, lazing around all day reading, going for walks, gardening, watching DVDs, going for drives exploring.

How have your holidays been? Did you make any New Year resolutions?

I didn't make any resolutions but after reading Rachel's post 2011 The Magical Moments of the year that was. I have made these some of the rules I will live by for 2012!

....."8 // All you need to do to live your passion is discover what lights you up – the work you’d be willing to do even if you weren’t getting paid – and take steps towards that dream every day until it’s yours.

11 // Everything is better when you eat well, exercise and switch off when you need to. Honour your body – first and foremost.

12 // Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. This is it. Right here, right now. Go out there and SHINE."...

Read more on In Spaces Between here.

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  1. aww, love your blog!
    i hope you have a happy new year!!


  2. Lovely! Just what the holidays are for.
    I'm going to try and get a job... I can't keep working in this retail job now I've graduated lol.

  3. it is wonderful that you are taking a break :) much needed I bet!!

    All the best for your new year xx

  4. Looks like a beautiful spot.

  5. Pancakes sound like a perfect way to spend your holiday break! Yum! :)

    Happy new year to you!

  6. I adore the foxes and blueberries in the second photo.


  7. happy new year dear, wish you the best for this 2012

  8. Happy New Year! Sounds like a relaxing holiday :)


  9. Good for you, relaxing in the countryside. Enjoy your lovely time. :)

    Happy new year!

  10. Thank you so much for your blog. Happiest New Year ever.

    Lisa x

  11. wishing you an amazing 2012 liss! those three points definitely have to be my rules this year as well! good luck for the both of us and everyone else going to give this a go!

  12. good quotes! (: sounds like u had a nice vacation (: happy newyear!


  13. You are so right, the text from In spaces between is beautiful and so right too.
    I don't know you personally - well, obviously since I'm from Madrid lol, but I really wish that you will really enjoy your 2o12 and be happy.

  14. Yum those blueberries look good!

    Hope you have an awesome year this year and that we get to see each other again :)

  15. Hi! i discover your blog right now and i really appreciate your works so i'm following you! have a wonderful year! love chiara www.isnotmycupoftea.blogspot.com

  16. Happy New Year to you as well!!

  17. happy new year lady! and get excited as i have no doubt 2012 is going to be an AMAZING one for you!
    big love - bel xxx

  18. I haven't made any resolutions. I just want to do the best that I can and be happy.

  19. Love your blog sweetie :) Your rules for 2012 sound great, so often we forget to just be in the moment.


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