Matt Schwartz

Matt Schwartz's Polaroids have mesmerised me ever since I blogged about his work almost two years ago . ( I really must make an archi...

Matt Schwartz's Polaroids have mesmerised me ever since I blogged about his work almost two years ago. ( I really must make an archive of artists / photographers I've featured - add it to the growing to-do list!)

So I was very excited to get an email this morning telling me of his studio sale via The site will feature 18 of Matt's most popular images for 50%off from Monday 16th at 9am PT/12 pm ET. I hope some of the above are included!

You can see more of his work on and he has just added a new feature where you can make your own collage of his favourite works to order as a print. 

Happy Weekend!

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  1. What amazing photography! Definitely going to check out his work.

  2. These are so creative! Going to have to have a look at the rest.


  3. These images are beautiful!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  4. Thank you for sharing his work ! I will definitely start to follow this beautiful work.

  5. Beautiful images, off to check out his work! Thanks for sharing xo K

  6. Thanks for telling us about the sale, I love his work!

  7. those pictures are gorgeous. i am mesmerized as well! loves it!

  8. ah these are so damn beautiful! LOVE them!

    and thanks so much for your comment on my shop feature! appreciate the love ! :)


  9. These are so beautiful! Especially that first one- I'm definitely going to check out more of his work! So gorgeous!


  10. So beautiful pictures... I really love them!!!

    Mademoiselle Katia

  11. I LOVE special effects with photographs! I've been experimenting with a bunch of mine. -Jessica

  12. Wow! I fell in love with this pics. Adorable!

  13. These are so beautiful and stunning... I haven't heard of him before, but now I'm going to have to go find some more of his work.

  14. I love the shot of the girl warming her feet by the fire. I like the way it suggests a story, but the plot is for you to create. I would make up a new scenario every time I looked at it - this time she has been out with girlfriends only to catch her boyfriend with another girl. Going home she finds comfort in the simple things of life, warming her feet by a relaxing fire, in which her now ex-boyfriends possessions are now burning.

  15. Gorgeous and ethereal photographs. Your blog is indeed like watching a daydream :-)

    Camille @ The Wild Fleur


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