Sounds of the Woods by Nadinoo & WishWishWish

Wednesday, January 4

Director & Producer WishWishWish
Cinematographer & Colourist Miguel Santana
Designer & Stylist Nadia Izruna
Model Rosalind Jana
Hair & Makeup Emily Dodge
Song by Emiliana Torrini

I love a good collaboration, especially one involving one of my favourite designers Nadia of Nadinoo and a blog I've been a long time reader of, WishWishWish. Nadia and Carrie worked on this short film featuring the latest Nadinoo A/W 12 collection and depicting the three Nadinoo girls - Pixie, Lula and Fleur.

Check out some behind the scenes pictures on Nadinoo blog here.


  1. I also love this video! Carrie's projects never lack beauty.

    x Michelle |

  2. I Love It!

    The Bootlace

  3. I love this video! Such beauty! Hey i am a beginner photographer, check out my blog

  4. That video was so beautiful. I think I've fallen in love with every part of it!

    Carmen Ri.

  5. like Carmen said, So beautiful!

  6. That was just so breathtaking :) the cinematography, the location, the clothes are perfection <3 if only life was as simple as that,:)

  7. so dreamy! and i love emiliana torrini!!

  8. Loved it! It makes me want to a forest right now...


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