Semi Permanent Conference Sydney

With Jono outside the Sydney convention centre, Darling Harbour ~  Bec's artwork on the Drawing Arm flyers ~ Bec speaki...

With Jono outside the Sydney convention centre, Darling Harbour ~ 
Bec's artwork on the Drawing Arm flyers ~ Bec speaking ~ Sunday brunch at The Rocks, Sydney + my Element Eden x Daydream Lily holgaArtwork by Emma White @ Museum of Contemporary Art ~ Town Hall ~ Sun setting on the Opera House

 ~ My sisters amazing time-lapse video she ended her presentation with. ~

A few weekends ago I went to Sydney with my sister and brother to the Semi Permanent Conference as my sister was an invited speaker!!   It is such an honour to be invited to speak at this conference and to be seen up there among world class artists, designers and photographers. I can remember Bec first submitting work to the Semi-P book when she was still a graphic design student and I don't think she ever imagined she would one day be the up on stage presenting.

Some of the other amazing speakers included Roman Coppola (brother of Sofia Coppola),  Benja Harney a paper engineer, who you would recognise from doing the recent set of MBFWA Romance Was Born popup!!!  And Derek Henderson whos photography is in basically every fashion magazine you open.  Just after the conference I bought Harpers Bazaar flicked it open and saw Derek's work staring out at me.

Also Bec Parsons who is a regular photographer for Russh, Oyster, Sportsgirl to name a few... and has her own amazing Fashion photography book called Love Want (more about that in another post).

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  1. I hope your trip to Sydney was a splendid and memorable one. Your sister is so talented, ending her presentation with that video is such a beautiful ending. Must be great, having an escape with your siblings!

  2. @RDYN ~ it was! not often we get to all be in the same city together :)

  3. amazing sydney:)!
    very nice pictures!

  4. Ah the photos look great, congrats to your sister!!
    The artwork is amazing.

    x Stace

    PS. I've got a giveaway happening to win a House of Harlow ring! I'd love for you to enter!

  5. Looks amazingly cool and peaceful, I always find art gatherings suprisingly calm and calming.
    Material Fixations

  6. Such good times, bunghole! SOOOOO glad you could come and be with me there :) xoxoxoxo

  7. Haha the Winnels out in force!
    Bec's vid is INSANE x

  8. you have no idea how bad you are making me miss Sydney right now! Such an amazing city!

  9. The Opera House has always impressed me) tell me, is it so really great in reality as they show it on TV and pics? I am studying arhcitecture and design but live too far away to have a look myself...

  10. @generique ~ yes!! Sydney is a very veyr beautiful city and the harbour is just stunning with the bridge and the opera house. if you ever come to Australia I recomened a trip to Melbourne, Sydney and tropical QLD :)


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