Nadinoo Bird a day shirt

  Nadinoo  Pixie's Bird A Day shirt , Hair & Makeup by Ally  Photos by Ally   This is one of my favourite Nadinoo pieces...

 Nadinoo Pixie's Bird A Day shirt , Hair & Makeup by Ally 
Photos by Ally 

This is one of my favourite Nadinoo pieces we've gotten in at the shop!! Although I love every piece we pick for the shop (Jen and I spend hours looking over every lookbook hand selecting what we both love).

You would think having my own shop I would be getting lots of clothes for myself and I thought the same when I first started. But the truth is you end up only keeping a couple of pieces for yourself and want to see others enjoy the pieces you picked out. I told myself I should keep a Nadinoo piece this time before it all sells, and I adore this bird print! Nadinoo is so beautifully handcrafted from liberty prints, I'm excited to finally have a piece for my own wardrobe after following Nadia's designs for many years.

....two outfit post in a week, this must be a new record! I'm starting to get the hang of these outfit posts, I used to not like doing them. I think because I always preferred to be on the other side of the camera.

Do you like them (style posts)?   Would you like to see more style posts on the blog, or you don't mind the mix now?

In other news......

It's Mid-Season SALE time @ Style Milk 
We've got 30-50% off Bec & Bridge, May, Lilya & Nadinoo A/W styles. As well as heaps of Kids designers too!  

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  1. goodness gracious, that shirt is amazing!!!
    you should definitely do more style posts!

  2. such a cute shirt! love prints like that!

  3. That shirt is absolutely stunning. I am loving all things animal (bird, horse) printed at the moment xx

  4. i'm obsessed with bird print clothing! this is adorable :D

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  5. great mix:) these photos are gorgeous! X

  6. i love brids <3
    beautiful blous <3

  7. Such a cute shirt - it looks great on you!


  8. Love this shirt on you Liss! I know what you mean about not getting many pieces of your own.. I only get the samples :(

  9. You did a good thing snatching this shirt up before someone else got their hands on it.

  10. cannot believe I just found your blog today Lily. browsed through your posts on photography and I am enchanted. you source some really good works and illustrations, as well as clothing boutiques- to add to my wishlist and inspirations list.
    just gonna say, utterly love your blog. keep up the great posts hun!


  11. This shirt is so adorable !! Good that you kept this one for yourself !!

    Beautiful !

    xoxo from Japan

  12. Love the bird print on your shirt! Really good that you bought this shirt for yourself - it's lovely :) I really like outfit posts so I say keep posting them :)

  13. gosh, you have lots of blogs there! <3 thank you for stopping by, love the way you share your life, so I follow u!

    if you like my blog too, I'd really love if you want to follow me :') thank you!

    have a great weekend!

  14. Great shirt!

  15. Pretty print. And yes, please do more outfit posts!


  16. that shirt is so beautiful! this outfit posts looks so natural, I'm surprised this is only your second!

  17. Liss, i am in LOVE with this shirt! I love your taste - also really enjoying your outfit posts. I know what you mean about making that transition from behind to infront of the camera... it's slightly un-nerving at first. i am hoping to introduce outfit posts to my blog, but so far i've been a bit too shy :)


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