Photography:  Ber Arce   Styling:  The Weather Girl   Models: Sara and Irina @ Blow Models   Assistant: Marlon León  ...

Photography: Ber Arce 
Styling: The Weather Girl 
Models: Sara and Irina @Blow Models 
Assistant: Marlon León 

Came across this editorial while clicking around online this morning, it's a collaboration between The Weather Chanel (who I assume is somewhat like Australia's Michi Girl? ) and store European online store We Are Selectors.

Grainy film imagery and cacti, two of my loves in one shoot!  Also how cute is the cat mask top?!!!

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  1. I was just going to say that about the top. Sexy girls.


  2. Wow amazing! Love the vintage-retro-ish vibe going on in there.
    and I must agree... The cat mask top is adorable

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