Grace Loves Lace

I guess it wasn't to be long before I came across this local dress designer, Grace Loves Lace . In fact I've a...

I guess it wasn't to be long before I came across this local dress designer, Grace Loves Lace. In fact I've already had a few readers comment to check them out and then this morning looking around blogs I came across this editorial and thought "oh this name is familiar" and that looks like Ali Mitton's photography.  What a perfect match!

I know for sure I couldn't do a beach wedding, sand in my toes (and who knows where else).... no thanks.  I know, I know, the beach is so beautiful blah blah,  I'm just not a beach girl. In fact I live so close to the beach and I've been only twice this entire year. I love beach lifestyle, just not the actual beach. I think it is what you grow up with and where I grew up the nearest beach was 5 hours drive away. I'm leaning more towards a gorgeous country wedding down south.

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  1. wow. absolutely gorgeous. i've lived at the beach my whole life too and i've gone zero times this year ha.

    romantically challenged

  2. That sounds like a lovely idea. I never understood the sexiness of the beach. Can you imagine the scent of fish wafting through you're wedding ceremony. I don't mind the beach, it's just the state my car is in afterwards

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  3. I love this pictures. And the dresses.

  4. I grew up next to the beach, so I actually love that salty, sandy feeling. But wow, these dresses are gorgeous, especially the one with the ribbon.

  5. Stunning photography & such beautiful dresses... Loving those first 2 b&w shots & the last b&w shot... so moody & raw, just gorgeous.


  6. Beautiful dress!


  7. These are absolutely gorgeous! Had te be said.

  8. A country wedding is still just as beautiful and quite under appreciated if you ask me.
    What a wonderful editorial, thanks for sharing :)

    the making of things

  9. Beautiful! Timeless! Lovely Color Tones!

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  10. WOW!Absolutely gorgeous photos!Lace dresses are my favorite too!
    Really breathtaking!

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  12. It is wonderful
    These are great pics...and the place is beautiful :-)

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    Interior Decorating, Home Design, Room Ideas

  13. I know what you mean. I do love the idea of the beach and I love swimming when it's nice and calm, but I could imagine a beach wedding. Especially if it was windy! So much sand! Haha. Anyway, love these dresses. I've been checking out wedding dresses on Etsy this afternoon and I'm not even engaged. There are so many unique designs out there. I'm sure you will pick something gorgeous. xo Hannah

  14. Loving the first picture, how beautiful x

  15. I also love,s one of my favorites textile. Especially for evening dresses. I think nothing it's more sexy on a women body than Lace... I plan to make many designs in the future with lace :)

  16. I love this pictures& the dresses.Your blog is lovely!Kisses from Greece!


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