Christmas Road Trip

“The ING DIRECT Wave & Save Promotion has since wrapped up, but for more information about their Orange Everyday Bank Account, or Inter...

“The ING DIRECT Wave & Save Promotion has since wrapped up, but for more information about their Orange Everyday Bank Account, or Internet Banking in general visit the ING DIRECT website.”

My Summer Holidays: ING DIRECT was kind enough to provide $1,000 to fund my experience, 
all opinions contained within this post are of my own, and not that of ING DIRECT.

I've now been living in Queensland for two years (see the original road trip to move here) and the last time Glen and I have been back home together was before moving here, we've never once gone back together in the past two years. The last two Christmases I headed back alone to visit my family while he stayed behind to look after the puppies. So this year now that we are newly engaged it was time to go back together and we organised a family Engagement Party for just after Christmas to have back home at my sisters place (a post on that soon).  

Having two little dogs I didn't really want to put them in a kennel or on the plane so we decided to make the trip home in the car. And it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time as I was invited by ING DIRECT to try out the Orange Everyday Wave & Save promotion on my break. Having checked the Wave & Save Merchant Locations I saw it is available at a lot of petrol stations which meant I could try the new contactless method of payment along the way while also getting to take summer holidays.

We also used the ING DIRECT Visa payWave card to buy things for the trip......

// no summer road trip is complete without some essentials swimmers, hats, beach towel, sunnies, sunscreen and rose hip oil for travel skin. 
//CDs for the drive, extra memory for my new DSLR and a hard drive to back up photos from the trip.
// magazines, snacks for us and the dogs.
//film for my film cameras - both my instax mini and my LC-A+  my two film cameras I use the most.

For all purchases under $100 I would simply wave the card to pay. Also ING DIRECT are offering 5% cash back (deposited into your account- straight away!) on all purchases using this method until 30th June 2013and for the first 30,000 customers to sign up.

I used it at Citybeach, Cotton-on, Typo, Teds Cameras house, JB-HIFI, Coles, petrol stations and food stops. I soon found myself noticing the "waves" at more places and taking a mental note to go back and shop there as paying with my PayWave card instead of my usual visa debit meant I'd instantly be getting 5% off, so like a way of always getting a discount. Which was even more of a bonus for petrol getting 4 cents off and then another 5%! 

We headed off on the weekend before Christmas packing the boot with our luggage and presents and the back seat was for the puppies beds - yes they got the whole back seat!! Although they didn't on the trip back because half was then filled with presents and shopping. 

The trip was super long, 1800 kms each way, but we broke it up with lots of fun stops along the way, stops for the dogs and ice cream stops for me and burgers for Glen!!

And lastly a few instagram pictures from my summer break....

summer fruits and ciders.  
special memories with family.
 ice creams and cupcakes. 
down at the river. 

So nice to make the drive home together as a family and be able to all be together!

Sponsored by ING DIRECT 
  “The information provided on and made available through this website does not constitute financial product advice. The information is of a general nature only and does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs.”

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  1. gorgeous photos, is really inspiring me to take my camera on some adventures.

    this paywave biz sounds pritty handy too :)


    1. I like the saving 5&, means ill save on all my petrol now :)

  2. gorgeous photos and that dog is adorable! xo

  3. i'm in LOVE with these photos!

  4. I love road trips and these photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Such beautiful pictures Liss!

    The LC-A+ and Instax mini are my two favourite film cameras as well :)

  6. that dog is soooo cute!

  7. These photographs are gorgeous! I hope you had a lovely lovely time! Looks like you did! Teapot! X

  8. These photos are lovely! I really miss going on road trips...

  9. These shots are so summery and lovely! I love a good summer road trip. Isn't that cider the best?? I've become a bit obsessed with it!

    1. its my new favourite drink for summer!! so yum

  10. Beautiful photos. We really are lucky in Australia to have such gorgeous and diverse landscapes, and even in the cities, you don't have to travel too far to find them.

    1. I love our landscape, so lucky to be able to visit beach then mountains and then country farms. and all in one days driving!!

  11. I have only just discovered you. Beautiful blog by a local girl :)

    Sechy xox

  12. Your holiday pics look amaze..! Love that you drove and took the pups with you - that would have been so much fun.

    P.S. I actually designed that 'love' mug you're holding in that bottom right hand pic..!


  13. rekorderlig is the best cider!! looked so much fun fun, looking fwd to see more photos :)

  14. Such gorgeous summer shots.

  15. Really inspiring me!! Gorgeous pics!


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