Elijah and Co. Camera Bag

Love my  Elijah and Co. Amber Cambag . I'd held off getting a camera bag for so long as there isn't enough nice looking bags...

Love my Elijah and Co. Amber Cambag. I'd held off getting a camera bag for so long as there isn't enough nice looking bags on offer (in fact most make me feel like I'm going hiking), but once I got myself a Canon MarkII it was time to get a bag to look after it.

I'm so happy with my choice of the Elijah and Co. bag. It's pretty with its plum colour and gold trim and fits so much!! It has been so handy with all the travel I did over Christmas, fitting in my Canon, LC-A, zoom lens, spare film rolls, charger, card reader and my external hardrive.

How do you carry your cameras?  I used to throw them in my handbag, but I won't do that anymore, from now on they're traveling in style.  

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  1. I have a small camera that fits in my Chanel purse, luckily enough.



  2. I'm terrible, I just carry my camera over my shoulder by the strap! I think once I start getting more lenses etc I'll need to think about a bag though.

  3. This camera bag is beautiful, you'd have no idea that's its function! I have a beautiful discrete laptop bag but unfortunately my camera bag falls under the 'hiking' variety!

  4. Ah this is the ONLY nice camera bag I've ever seen. I am so excited! Thanks for sharing. E

  5. The camera bag is gorgeous! It' s the most beautiful camera bag, i' ve ever seen.

  6. this is so gorgeous! i'm guilty of throwing mine in my bag :/ will ahve to invest in one of these beauties! :)


  7. That camera bag is such a gorgeous colour! It's a really bad habit but I just carry mine around in a normal satchel...

  8. Kelly Moore bags are where it's at! They just look like handbags so it's perfect! And they're so worth the price. I have the B-Hobo one in black and am thinking of getting the new Songbird one in tan.


  9. I have to admit I just chuck mine in my bag most of the times. Although when I get a nice new camera I'll probably show it a bit more care. You camera bag looks so nice and handy (and nowhere near as ugly/boring as those padded black camera bags they usually try to sell you in stores).

  10. Such a beautiful camera bag. I just throw my camera into my handbag for the day, but I have this little pouch thing that I've been using lately.


  11. ohhh pretty! i need a camera bag so bad i just put mine in my handbag but im always worried it will get damaged.


  12. That is so gorgeous! *immediately puts on mental wishlist*
    we've got a couple of different camera bags, but they all tend to look pretty clunky :[

  13. I wish I had enough camera gear to warrant a camera bag. I'm considering upgrading to a DSLR soon though!


  14. This looks great! I've bought one from etsy long time ago, but it's more men's style.. so I'm thinking about getting new one.. more stylish.

    Life Could Be a Dream

  15. Soooo gorgeous! I love the colours :) congrats on being in Lomo's top blogs for 2013 - we were nominated too! x


    1. thank you :) was so surprised and excited to win!! ooo ill have to come check out your blog.

  16. Beautiful bag! I use to throw my camera in my purse too but I try not to do that as much sense I'm worried about the scratches and potential dusts now. My Lowepro bag is so bulky to carry everyday with me. I got it as a gift but I still haven't used it for years! I might invest in a smaller bag soon.

  17. I want one now! I didn't even think to look for a cute camera bag, just got one I found at Best Buy. Definitely putting this on my wish list.



  18. I want one like this! I have a horrible black and grey square thing thats just awkward to carry!

    lisatakespictures xo

  19. Such a beautiful camera! & an adorable dog (:

    fashionlei styled

  20. such a gorgeous bag (and I spy a cute puppy in the background), my cameras travel in a less than glamorous camera bag.

  21. This might just be the cutest camera bag I've seen. I want one!



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