Waterfall Braid Tutorial

Hi everyone, it's Amanda from Here Comes the Sun ! I'm here today with a tutorial on how to do one of my favourite hair styles a...

Hi everyone, it's Amanda from Here Comes the Sun! I'm here today with a tutorial on how to do one of my favourite hair styles at the moment, the waterfall braid! I love braids and this one is a great one for summer - you can still have your hair loose and free but the braids pull your hair back off your face a little.

You will need: a GHD (mine is from the metallic collection thanks to GHD Australia), a brush or a comb, bobby pins and some product for smoothing (I swear by Morrocan oil).

To begin with detangle your hair with a brush and straighten it if needed. Don't add any product to your hair yet because you want it to be easily manipulated while you're braiding. Part your hair down the middle and begin on the right side.

//Step 1 // Grab a section of hair at the front of your part and separate into three strands - just as if you're starting a normal braid.

//Step 2 // Beginning with the right strand, begin to braid your hair as normal and when you add the left strand to your braid, add in another section of hair as you would on a french braid.

//Step 3 // After you've french braided the left strand, drop the right strand out of the braid and instead pick up a new strand of hair from your head and fold it into the braid. This is what creates the waterfall look. Repeat this process until you reach the middle of the back of your head.

//Step 4 // Secure tightly with a bobby pin

//Step 5 // Repeat this process on the left side and secure at the back of your head where the two braids meet.

//Step 6 // Using your GHD separate your loose hair into sections and wind around the iron to create loose curls. Hold for 20 seconds then release carefully.

//Step 7 // Repeat this process the whole way around and finish off with Morrocan oil to smooth down any fly aways and create a glossy finish. Hairspray will also help hold the curls in place for longer.

And there you have it! In my personal opinion this hairstyle looks most amazing in blonde or pastel coloured hair because the cascading effect of the braid stands out a little more.

Do give it a try and if you have any questions I'll do my best to answer them in the comments :)

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  1. very cute, now I just have to find someone to braide my hair! :)

  2. Great tutorial, you make it sound + look so simple! Definitely going to try it out :)

  3. Ohh wow! Always wanted to know how this is done!! :) <3
    Do take part in my Blog's Women's Day Contest!

  4. That's so pretty! I have tried this in my hair for so many time but it always "slips out" hahaha it's impossible!

    Great post!


  5. That looks great! I always love experimenting with braids<3


  6. So pretty! And I feel like any braids are perfect for summer. So I think I'll try it this summer! x

  7. that's pretty. love braids, too, but often I'm too impatient and don't get it

  8. Really love this hairstyle its so pretty

  9. So lovely!
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