Beci Orpin x Kat Macleod

Tuesday, April 16

Two of Melbourne's most loved illustrators Beci Orpin and Kat Macleod have collaborated on a joint show A Hidden Place, opening this Thursday at Lamington Drive gallery.

The show will feature works from each of them as well as pieces they worked on together.

Ahh it's times like this I wish I still lived in Melbourne!  I love both their work and would of loved to go to this show.

PS. Check out more of the art works in The Design Files post here


  1. so cute!

  2. Oh I'd love to be in Melbourne to see this too. I found a Kat Mcleod illustration in a food magazine today which made me smile because I wasn't expecting it at all.

  3. super cute :)

  4. Love Beci Orpin's work! Wish I lived in Melbourne right now too! x

  5. What a gorgeous illustration!

  6. Love it! So cute and Inspirering! Thanks!


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