La La Land

top - to - bottom :  Bec Winnel, Beth Emily {2 & 4}, Mel Stringer My sister rece...

top - to - bottom :  Bec Winnel, Beth Emily {2 & 4}, Mel Stringer

My sister recently teamed up with La La Land to release three artworks Felt CarouselVictoriya and Mary Pistashio as cards (the top picture is one of the artworks, one I'm so lucky to own the original of!! eek).

La La Land have been around since 2009 and collaborate with many of my favourite artists like Lilly Piri, Mel Stringer, Catherine Campbell, Kareena Zerefo, Schmooks, Courtney Brims and Beth Emily (I have a lot of favourites, hah!) to promote Australian art in the form of affordable cards, prints and posters. All made in Australia using eco-friendly products too!

I can remember buying Bec one of their art and ghosts cards as her bday card a few years back so it's a little surreal to now be seeing her work on them! Such a super star my sis.

I've been working behind the scenes on a little collaboration with La La Land, which I'll be revealing next week.

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  1. The Bird and the Owl are stunning! Lovely....
    and how lucky are you to own the original of the girl....beautiful :)

  2. Such a fan of your sisters artwork so this is great news :)


  3. oh wow! this is so inspiring!

  4. loved the first girl and the bird!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, my fave is the first one but I do love the owl too xx

  6. What a cool concept!



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