28 Weeks

Wearing:  Ryder  Fish Stripe Dress // BFF Necklace Saben 28 weeks now, wow 3rd trimester! The last few weeks flew by, probably as ...

Wearing: Ryder Fish Stripe Dress // BFF Necklace Saben

28 weeks now, wow 3rd trimester! The last few weeks flew by, probably as I was so busy also running the Style Milk Shop while Jen was in Paris, on top of uni full time and blogging. Yep it was an intense few weeks.

The last photos I took like these was 25 weeks and I feel the belly has grown a lot since then!  In fact my whole mid section is expanding much to my dislike I was hoping to be one of these cute pregnant ladies who only get the belly, nope not me, everything has grown!! All for a good cause though....and I should probably not eat so much ice cream...but baby keeps telling me she wants ice cream. It's been my constant pregnancy craving.

I have my first proper hospital appointment today. I'm so excited to find out which of these lumps I've been feeling is baby's head and which baby's bum. Also to hear the heartbeat again and know everything is going well.

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  1. You look beautiful :) Good luck for your appointment!

  2. Aww these pictures are really beautiful :D

    X Valérie

  3. Waauw so cool! You look so beautiful! I hope everything goes well and that you find out something about the head/bum-lump situation ;-)

  4. Aw so sweet. I say if there ever was a time to eat ice cream, now is it. Have you tried Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams? In my opinion they are the best ice creams on the planet.

  5. So exciting! you and the bump look so cute! Take the opportunity to eat all the icecream in the world right now! haha. I hope your appointment goes well at the hospital :) xox

  6. You look fab and don't worry your baby bump is adorable, I love the dress!

    The Honeyroom

  7. Great photos - you look terrific.

  8. Beautiful photos, and you look amazing! Hope your appointment went well and baby and mommy are all kinds of healthy. xoxo


  9. congrats for reaching 28 weeks of your pregnancy! wish you luck throughout the experience and you look amazing in that dress :)

    Check out my new blogpost featuring my new furnished home! :)

  10. Ice cream makes for long eyelashes, rosebud mouths and good sleeping habits, so I've heard. Looking great Liss. :)


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