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I just realised I haven't blogged for two weeks, I think that's a new record for me. Third trimester has really hit full swing leaving me rather tired and sore every single day, who knew how bad leg cramps could be and that they can last all day and my feet...well they just look like sausages with no ankles, hah.

I spent a whole week in Sydney last week for an international web conference and caught up with my blogging love Ally.  I have 3 weeks left doing my PhD full time before I take maternity leave, time is now flying by!  I also have not set up the nursery and baby is due in 9 weeks, eeks.  Lets just say I've been hitting pinterest a lot and gathering inspiration.  So expect some inspiration posts coming up as I start nesting.  

First up though is my baby shower!!!  Seems my wedding is delayed to some unknown date I decided I just HAVE to have a ribbon cake and sweets table for my baby shower. I'm loving pink and gold as the theme colours, with gold painted toy animals.

Also there are so many
amazing local party stylists and suppliers I have been finding !
Here's a few:

//  Sweet Style - THE BEST EVER dessert table styling
// Simply Style Co  - the prettiest balloons ever.
 // The Spring Blog - lots of harder to source things I love, nice to be able to find them in Queensland.
// Even more stylist and event hire peps in The Wedding Harvest Directory.

PS. How gorgeous was Tabitha Emma's baby shower part 1, part 2

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  1. This looks beautiful, great colors!

  2. A set of wonderful pics! I'm sure you'll get well inspired ;)

  3. Such beautiful inspiration! Looks amazing :)

    ♡ Valérie

  4. Adore all these pics so great BS!!

  5. I have never been so inspired! This makes me want to have a child just so that I can have a baby shower like this.

  6. straws look cute Liss - thanks for including The Spring Shop in your post. It was loving seeing you at TVM the other week... enjoy the last days of active PHD time for now! x Catherine

  7. love the desert table and cake, thats the look im going for for my wedding! Completely gorgeous!


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