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After so many years of working full time and blogging after hours, sometimes I would blog ...

After so many years of working full time and blogging after hours, sometimes I would blog from 6am, go to uni, come home, rest and then more work.  It feels surreal to know I have a whole year off ahead of me.

I'm in full sorting out the house mode/nesting and every room is getting cleaned and decorated and cleaned again, so It's perfect timing for this little team up with Typo for a desk rescue/makeover.  I have so much inspiration for my workspace,  lots of it bookmarked on THIS pinterest board.  I feel this is just the first draft of my new inspiring workspace.

You can WIN your own Desk Rescue from Typo, see their facebook page here for details to enter - its super easy, and you can win one of 3 desk rescue packages valued over $600!!

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  1. Your desk looks lovely! Yes blogging is such hard work fitting it in between jobs and uni etc. How lovely to have a year to spend on it.
    I first discovered Typo when I visited Australia 2 years ago and I love it so much! Could spend waaay too much money in there...

  2. What a beautiful desk. That is definitely something I need to do to get my head into the right space as my desk is as much of a mess as my head is!

  3. well that's an office i would like to have!
    it looks beautiful my love

    Bisous from STYLE FEST

  4. So beautiful things you have on your desk! :P


  5. I just saw those hexagonal units at Typo the other day, you make them look sos adorable, I have desk envy :)

    Yolanda, BNE Style

  6. Exciting time ahead! Ps did you check apartment therapy's January Cure or Style Cure? Amazing program for reorganising and redecorating home.

  7. I love your little space :) all so pretty!



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