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" my work combines my love of art, interiors, textiles and fashion." Annie ...

" my work combines my love of art, interiors, textiles and fashion."

Annie Everingham is one of my new Australian art loves I discovered via Instagram (I'm finding myself lost in people feeds lately, so much inspiration).

Having recently graduated in Fashion & Textile design from University of Technology Sydney, Annie has been already gaining attention having recently collaborated with biopak in their art series coffee cups which I've been spotting on many instagram feeds lately, though I'm yet to get my hands on one.

But I think it is her gorgeous pattern prints and cards I love most.   Featuring patterns and illustration using hand painting, ink on fabric, sketching with some digital manipulation.

All are for sale along with a cushion series via her website:

image credits: 1. Annie Everingham Biopak cup by the articulate, others 

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  2. OMG! I miss your blog.... and the art of Annie Everingham is beautiful..

    1. aw thanks Joana, I've been a bit MIA with blogging, but getting back into it now.

  3. that cup is so cool! thanks for sharing!
    Rebecca @

  4. Love her use of colors.

  5. I'm in love with watercolor. I love her art.

  6. I love your watercolor mix...! and white phrase on is fantastic....! go on please...!

  7. oh wow, this stuff is so gorgeous! great post x

  8. These are really pretty. I personally love the pillow - it really brightens up the mood :)

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  9. WOW! The pillow case is absolutely divine.


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