DIY Circus Cake

This cute cake is inspired by BebeandPrince , one of my favourite instagramers. She did one for her daughters 3rd birthday and I want...

This cute cake is inspired by BebeandPrince, one of my favourite instagramers. She did one for her daughters 3rd birthday and I wanted to try recreating it myself. Also as a fun practice run for Isabel's first birthday. So to make this super cute pink circus cake.

//  You will need

Safari Animals
Kebab sticks for the flag poles
Made. by Typo DIY Bunting
scissors, paper, pen

Also,  sponge cake & pink icing. ( I cheated a little and brought a sponge cake and some pink frosting, will be making it all next time.)

1 // Make the flags
Simply wrap a piece of tape around one of the sticks and cut off. Then cut in a little V shape. You could also instead make them over string to make some bunting to string up between too sticks.

2 // Cut out hat shapes
Getting the hat shape right was a little tricky. Have a play with paper to figure out the size hat you want and then make a template. Use the template to mark out more hats on a sheet of paper. I used standard paper, but you could use thin cardboard too.

3 // Tape over the shapes
Once you've cut out the shapes tape over them. It's better to do this when they're flat rather than rolled up so you can get the patterns lined up nicely.  And its quicker and easier than trying to do it once they're rolled up. Then trim off any excess or fold it over to the reverse side to make the hats a little thicker.

4 // Stick on pom pom
Stick a little pom pom on the reverse side. I used ones on the pink pompom trim. Then roll up hat and cut another bit of tape to stick together.

5 // icing cake
I cheated a little here and had a sponge cake from the supermarket and pink frosting ready made. Next time I'll test out some cake recipes.

6 // Decorate
The fun part!  See your creation come to life and style it all up.

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  1. This is so cute!! <3

  2. Fantastic idea! The party hats are adorable. I love that you kept the animals in their natural color because I often see them getting sprayed in gold or pink.

    Kati from black.white.vivid.

  3. This is super cute. Such a fun idea. I'm turning 27 soon but I'd still be pretty chuffed with a cake like this hahaha.

  4. ah this is adorable - it was my birthday last saturday - wish this had been up before then!! :)

  5. this is so so cute! omg. the hats on the giraffes are the best.

  6. this cake looks soo yummy!

  7. I love this so much! I want to make one.

    I also just love the idea of putting tiny party hats on everything hehe.


  8. Beautiful DIY! I want to make one now, Ive been into baking lately!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth


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