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Yoko Ozawa x olga bennett

Tuesday, June 4

‘An everyday scene in a living room. You can see the sunlight filtering down through the trees from the window. Water in the shallow vases reflects the sky. A teapot makes a shadow on the table. A steaming cup next to the teapot. You can feel an atmosphere between vessels.-
- Yoko Ozawa March 2013

I came across this exhibition by Japanese potter Yoko Ozawa on Mr Kitly and was instantly in love with the images and how they captured the teapots.  Then when I saw the photography is by Olga Bennet I thought 'ahh no wonder I love it!" Olga's photography is amazing and I've featured her on the blog before with her book Environments :: Creative people and their studios.

Lilly World

Saturday, May 11

Adorable new collaboration between Australian illustrator Lilly Piri and Japanese brand Milk. I want the tee dress!
Lilly shared some behind the scene of the project on her blog here.

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, life has thrown me an unexpected surprise which I'll be sure to share soon.

matsuki kousuke

Thursday, February 21

matsuki kousuke  photographer from osaka, japan.
discovered via loveology.

Some pretties for your Thursday. 

Hello Sandwich Craft Book

Tuesday, October 18

Ebony of Hello Sandwich has released her very first Japanese Craft book! I already have Ebony's Tokyo and Wrapping Zines and they are gorgeous.

The book is all in Japanese but the tutorials include step by step photos so you can still follow along.

Read more about it on Hello Sandwich here, or you can order a copy through Amazon here.


Monday, October 10

Stunning lookbook by Japanese label LyricisM. As much as I don't like the cold, there is something magical about misty winter mornings. I would love to do a photoshoot like this.

I haven't been around the blog much this past week, needed a little R&R. I will be back to regular posting this week.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! I spent mine taking the puppies to the park and doing some spring cleaning around the house. Oh and listening to Feist's new album.


Saturday, September 3

Japanese store (label?) kraso. I don't really understand the website, cause it's all in Japanese but I did see a link to my other favourite Japanese label Syrup! Ahh so much to love about Japanese style.
{via misspaq}


I'm going to Tokyo and I want to be a Mori Girl

Friday, February 18

Those who follow me on twitter are probably sick of me talking about Tokyo and how excited I am to be going. So sorry for all the tweets about it but seriously I have been drooling over all the cute shops and clothes for years now! Every time I see pictures of Tokyo and Japanese style such as on Hello Sandwich and Mori Girl my heart skips. Such loveliness.

So if you've been I'd love to know what was your favourite thing/place to see/do/stay in Tokyo.

Upon a fold = paper happiness

Wednesday, September 22

I have a confession to make, I am a complete stationary nerd. I went in search of pretty Japanese Tapes and discovered this sweet online shop Upon A Fold.

Upon a fold is based in Sydney and run by Justine who has been collecting and making things from paper for as long as she can remember. She also works as a graphic designer and is working on her own creations to sell instore soon.

I think my Christmas wish list just got a few more items!

PS. I did a guest post for Much Love Anna which is up today, if youd like to see.

Harada Tomoyo

Sunday, May 16

Harada Tomoyo a Japanese website I came upon via Floddertje. Im not sure what its all about, googling her name said shes an actress /singer...anyone speak Japanese? Either way I adore the styling of these photos. The house reminds me of something you'd see on The Shelby.

PS. You should visit Floddertje's blog, she has really good taste!!!

PSS. The winner of the Secret Squirrel GIVEAWAY is comment #17 Dannie. Thank you everyone who entered, I wish I could give you all a prize!

Hope you're all have a nice weekend!

Mori Girl

Tuesday, March 23

Ive just fallen in love with blog Mori Girl after discovering it via Three Buttons. Its full of pretty fashion and inspiration based around the subculture of the Mori Girl.

The mori girls (森ガール) belong to a Japanese subculture. 'Mori' means forest in Japanese, and mori girls look like fairytale forest wanderers in their loose dresses, vintage prints and quaint accessories. Mori girls choose to live their lives on their own terms, stopping to appreciate the little things that others overlook amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life.
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